Chopard Happy Diamonds Collection

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To the discerning jewellery collector, the name of Chopard has become synonymous with diamonds. In 1976 a gifted Chopard designer, Ronald Kurowski, came up with an amazing idea: what if he could create a watch where diamonds were able to move completely independently, without metal fetters? Without realising it, Ronald had dreamt up one of the company’s best loved concepts, still revered by jewellery fans today.

The Chopard Happy Diamonds collection gives Ronald’s brainwave free reign. Through an enormous range of designs- vintage, modern, simple and sophisticated- the trademark floating diamond appears, happy to be free. Whether they’re your daughter’s first earrings or a romantic gift for your sweetheart, the Chopard Happy Diamonds collection will have the ideal piece for the occasion.  A showcase for the world’s most famous and precious stone, the range sets off the uncut diamonds that Ronald Kurowski loved perfectly.

If you would like to find out more about any of the items in the Chopard Happy Diamond range, or any other Chopard jewellery, feel free to get in touch with us here at Banks Lyon Jewellers on 01524 384858 or send an email to