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Alpina Yacht Timer Regatta Countdown Watch
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Alpina Diver 300 Automatic Watch
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Alpina Diver 300 Automatic Watch
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Alpina have consistently led the way with regards to many horological innovations in the past, and have made it their consistent mission to create timepieces that are designed for use within some of the most extreme environments on the planet. As you might expect, this philosophy lead them into the arena of maritime and diving themed watches many years ago, and the Alpina Seastrong collection is the currently recognised Alpina range for those who require a true diver’s wristwatch.

Alpina have actually been producing water-resistant watches since 1983, and it is now a century ago that they patented a revolutionary crown that guaranteed water-resistance for all Alpina watches that were designed for divers. The original Alpina Seastrong watches of 1969 could remain water resistant in depths of up to 200 metres, but now all professional watches of this type boast a minimum 300 metre resistance as standard.   

The Alpina Seastrong watches that are included within the Diver 300 range are all fully certified as being fit for diving use, with the Extreme Diver family verified by ISO 6425; the highest possible standard for diving watches. However, the Alpina Seastrong collection also includes the ‘Yacht’ range, intended for those who are pursuing a passion for sailing, so the Seastrong collection totally covers the needs of a maritime audience.

Here at Banks Lyon, we stock a wide variety of Alpina Seastrong watches, and, regardless of whether or not you wish to take advantage of their maritime capabilities, any of these timepieces would make a superb watch for general day-to-day usage. You can also buy Alpina watches on 0% finance from Banks Lyon, letting you place a deposit of as little as 10% and spread your payment over as long as 36 months. To find out more information about any of our Alpina Seastrong range, please feel free to contact our amicable team by calling 01524 38 48 58 or emailing Personalshopper@bankslyon.co.uk