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May 21st, 2024

Beyond Diamonds: Rings that Break the Mould

Marylin Monroe sang, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and certainly, the beauty and charm of this sophisticated gemstone are unquestionable and eternal, making them a favourite among the female clientele. However, lately, younger, more demanding generations, as well as jewel enthusiasts with bolder, more unconventional tastes, prefer rings featuring different, less traditional stones, whether it is for engagement or as a fashion accessory.

What’s beyond the classical elegance of diamonds, though? In this blog, we will explore the luxurious alternative rings available at Banks Lyon, discussing the diverse designs, metals, and gemstones that break away from convention to offer something more unique and exclusive. In particular, we will focus on Fope’s Souls, an incredible ring collection that is entirely reshaping the concept of luxury rings.

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Why Go Beyond Classic Diamond Rings?

Diamond engagement rings have a long tradition as the preferred choice, as their celebrated foreverness is seen as a symbol of long-lasting love. However, modern society is witnessing important changes that are encouraging individuals to express themselves, their feelings, their ethics, and their style in more original ways, challenging tradition and breaking the mould. In this context, to many, choosing a different ring than a diamond represents a real self-statement, favouring aspects such as unusual designs or ethical principles. And, of course, there is also the financial side to consider; rings featuring different stones than diamonds can often offer better value for money, allowing for bolder or more complex designs without the substantial cost of diamonds.

It is safe to say that choosing a ring that is not considered “the norm” has its advantages; it encourages self-expression and creativity and, generally speaking, opens up a world of possibilities where clients have the opportunity to create something exceptional.

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A Closer Look at Alternative Metals

Before getting to gemstone options, the first material to consider when choosing alternatives to diamond rings is metal. It is extremely important to explore how different metals can add value to the light and cut of the stone and enhance the overall aesthetic of the jewel, not just in itself but also —or especially— when worn.

Each metal has its unique, standout characteristics, whether it is shine, versatility, or lightweight. Platinum and gold remain the most classic and popular choices, with their distinctive luminosity and elegance. However, other metals like titanium, palladium (which resembles platinum), and even stainless steel are emerging as clients’ favourites for a more modern and resilient take on traditional designs. Choosing the right metal for a ring is something that should resonate with your preferences and lifestyle without forgetting its significance in withstanding the test of time.

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Finding Your Hidden Gem

While diamonds are forever, numerous wonderful options are waiting for discovery beyond diamond eternity rings. When it comes to these jewels, their stones are the absolute focal point. Opting for gems that are not diamonds means bringing a touch of colour, symbolism, and individuality to the piece. Each coloured stone makes a statement and has its distinctive charm and deep meaning.

For instance, sapphires, with their rich blue, represent wisdom and intelligence; emeralds and their bright green symbolise loyalty and peace; the fiery brilliance of rubies expresses passion and protection; amethysts and their subtle purple hues stand for happiness and clarity of mind.

It is then clear that by choosing a specific gemstone other than diamonds, individuals can infuse their ring with personal values, adding new, profound significance.

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The Souls Collection by Fope: Sophisticated Rings with a Meaning

Amidst the many ring options available at Banks Lyon, the Souls collection by Fope stands out for its incomparable innovation and sophistication, featuring luxurious rings that celebrate love.

Crafted with precision and passion, every Fope Souls piece tells a story of elegance and self-expression. Each 18ct gold Flex’it ring is set with a single precious stone containing a specific meaning: the white diamond symbolises eternity, the black diamond represents distinction, the emerald rebirth, the ruby expresses passion, the blue sapphire wisdom, and the pink sapphire forgiveness. Let’s take a closer look at these marvellous pieces.

A gold ring with a square gem

Fope Souls 18ct Rose Gold and Red Ruby

The Fope Souls 18ct Rose Gold and Red Ruby is a stunning ring that is a fantastic testament to the modern elegance of the Fope Souls collection. Crafted entirely from 18-carat gold and embellished with a single ruby, this flexible ring is not a mere accessory but symbolises the deep love and passion shared in relationships. Perfect for commemorating a marriage, celebrating a partnership, or honouring a special connection, the vibrant red hue of the stone adds boldness and fieriness to an innovative design.

Thanks to its flexible structure, featuring multiple tiny gold springs within each chain link, the ring easily adapts to the wearer’s finger with great comfort and security. It allows for smooth movement and ensures a perfect fit from size N to P.5.

A gold ring with a green square gem

Fope Souls 18ct Yellow Gold and Green Emerald

The Fope Souls 18ct Yellow Gold and Green Emerald ring is the Souls collection’s epitome of classic style. Crafted from 18-carat gold and adorned with a single bright green emerald, this exceptional piece is ideal for celebrating cherished, not necessarily romantic, relationships. A precious symbol of love and devotion, the green emerald expresses growth, harmony, and renewal. Its innovative structure accommodates sizes from N to P.5 with ease, providing comfort and flexibility.

A silver ring with a square blue stone

Fope Souls 18ct White Gold & Blue Sapphire

The Fope Souls 18ct White Gold & Blue Sapphire ring exudes refined luxury and incredible sophistication. Made from 18-carat gold and featuring a mesmerising blue sapphire at the centre of its modern design, it represents enduring love and heartfelt commitment, symbolising wisdom, sincerity, and faithfulness. Thanks to Fope’s patented gold chain technology, it guarantees effortless, smooth movement, accommodating sizes from N to P.5.

Do you wish to explore our diamond ring alternatives in more detail? At Banks Lyon, we have plenty of options featuring the brightest, most intense gemstones, including engagement rings on finance, allowing you to express your feelings fully.

Visit us at our showrooms in Lancaster and Kendal, or browse our wondrous collections online. If you need help choosing your next ring, remember you can reach out to us using our Live Chat at the bottom right of our website. Alternatively, contact us via WhatsApp on 07751 807 041 to get prompt assistance from our knowledgeable team.

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