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July 14th, 2015

Bob’s Blog: Alpina (Part 1) – The Alpina Startimer Watch

Last year, we were very pleased to be able to add the Alpina range to our extensive selection of luxury watches, making us one of just twelve stockists throughout the UK to offer this excellent Swiss brand. Today, we invite you to join our General Manager Bob Breden in taking a closer look at this brand, and at some of their exceptional timepieces.

About Alpina

The story of Alpina begins in 1883, when Gottlieb Hauser founded the “Alpina Swiss Watchmakers Corporation”; he registered the Alpina trademark in 1901 and it soon appeared on the high-end calibres which he produced.

Hauser was responsible for a revolution in sports watch design, setting in place four essential principles which a true sports watch ought to have: that it should be antimagnetic, antishock, water resistant and made from stainless steel. Alpina 4 watches with these characteristics would become popular not only with Alpinists but also pilots, divers, and military users.

The 1970s, the Quartz Crisis and the emergence of mass-produced watches presented difficulties for Alpina, however they remained an independent company and eventually made a resurgence in 2002. Since then, they have produced four completely new complications, fully developed and produced in-house, and have become a highly popular brand in Europe.

The Startimer Collection


As highlighted in the video, the Alpina Startimer collection offers an excellent range of options for any horological enthusiast, including very affordable pieces which are ideal as either a main or a secondary watch. The quality of these pieces is remarkable, especially when you consider timepieces such as the Alpina Startimer Pilot Automatic watch, which offers an automatic movement, stainless steel case with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and a clear, professional pilot dial design, all for under £1,000.

Indeed, the Alpina Startimer collection offers watches from as little as £645, making Swiss-made luxury  readily available and affordable to a wider range of consumers.

Here at Banks Lyon, we hope that you will enjoy the range of Alpina watches as much as we do; for more information, call us on 01524 384858 to speak to our team, or visit our Lancaster store to see the range for yourself. In the meantime, please do watch out for Bob’s next blog, where he will be taking a closer look at the Alpina Alpiner watch.


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