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July 14th, 2015

Bob’s Blog: Alpina (Part 2) – The Alpina Alpiner Watch

Continuing our look at Alpina watches, General Manager Bob Breden now turns his attention to the Alpina Alpiner collection.

Alpina have always been known for the excellence of their sports watches, driven by the four principles established by their founder Gottlieb Hauser. As Switzerland was naturally a centre for the early Alpinists – the expert mountaineers who conquered first the peaks of the Alps, then other lofty peaks throughout the world – it is perhaps natural that Alpina would offer watches that are expertly designed to meet the needs of such explorers.

The most exceptional feature of this watch, as you can see, is the bezel which allows you to use the watch as a compass; this may not be something that you require in everyday life, but in the context of many adventure sports such as mountaineering, it may just be a feature which could save your life.

Alpina and Exploration

Alpina as a brand have a strong connection to exploration and extreme adventure; amongst its brand ambassadors it counts Melissa Arnot, the first non-Sherpa woman to summit Mount Everest five times, Tina Maze, an Olympic gold-medal winning Alpine skiier, and Børge Ousland, the first person to complete a solo expedition to the North Pole without resupplying.

For such adventurers, a practical sports watch is not only useful, but also a necessity. Alpina’s four core principles ensure that the timepieces they produce are capable of withstanding demanding environments yet still producing a reliable performance.

One particular highlight of the Alpina Alpiner range is the limited edition Alpina Alpiner Chronograph 4 “Race for Water” watch. This striking piece comes with many of the features showcased in Bob’s video above, with blue outlined sub dials and matching inner bezel, presented in a unique gift case. For each purchase, 50 Swiss francs are donated to the “Race for Water” foundation, a charity dedicated to the preservation of this most precious resource . The Alpiner Chronograph 4 “Race for Water” watch retails at £2,390 and is available from Banks Lyon on 0% finance for 36 monthly payments of £53.11 and a 20% deposit.

For more information on this, or any of the other Alpina watches in our extensive collection, call us on 01524 384858 to speak to our team, or visit us at our Lancaster store.


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