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September 10th, 2015

Raymond Weil Nabucco: Facing the Music

Summer gives way to shorter days and darker nights, but the Raymond Weil Nabucco range provides the perfect all season partner for whatever your particular avenue of fashion, or even soiree, may be. Raymond Weil boast the honour of being one of the few family-owned Swiss watchmakers to still be in continuation, let alone prevalent, in the watch crafting industry. And for Raymond Weil, it is a craft.

Whilst the Nabucco was released as recently as 2007, the influence for the delicate yet intricate nature of each timepiece comes from Verdi’s opera of the same name. Technically inspiring whilst free from vanity, each watch within the range is designed to transcend culture and act as a platform from which to not only present the time in a sleek and striking manner, but as a fantastic podium for Raymond Weil’s design and delicacy supremacy.

Raymond Weil Nabucco Open Balance Wheel Watch

Our initial example from the carefully crafted range comes in the form of the Raymond Weil Nabucco Open Balance Wheel Watch. The immediate visual draw of even the novice horologer is the honest and open glimpse into the 10 o’clock Cuore Vivo, subtly leading and drawing your vision in and across the automatic mechanical intricacies. Here you are treated to a sight which truly allows you to appreciate the complexity and balance between the full inner technicalities and procedures at hand.

For only £4475 – or £99.44 monthly over 36 months with a mere 20% deposit – your wrist could be the proud partner to this tachymeter bezel beauty. Accompanied with the 2 Year International Manufacturer’s Warranty, you could find yourself sporting this black visaged timepiece – with all of its, and your, splendour – long into the future; and with a 46 hour power reserve, titanium protected movement and sapphire crystal, you can rest assured that your watch is never scheduled to let you down.

Raymond Weil Nabucco Cuore Caldo Twelve Special Edition Watch

The Raymond Weil Nabucco Cuore Caldo Twelve Special Edition Watch is a watch with a story. From its double push-security clasp to its rubber and leather bracelet, there is something about this chronometer that has something to say. When discussing the carefully constructed accompaniment, Raymond Weil state that the placement of the audacious rose-gold TWELVE at the head of the timepiece is no coincidence:

“Twelve. The turning point between yesterday and tomorrow, between the past and the future… nabucco Cuore Caldo Twelve has a destiny which is just as precious as the materials from which it is made. Indeed, RAYMOND WEIL has been committed for a number of years to the fight against cancer and, through this prestige model, will renew its support for the pediatric onco-hematology unit of the University of Geneva-Switzerland Hospital.”

So whilst you are investing a fine and beautiful watch, you are simultaneously donating to future generations; a fact this horological work allows you to sport proudly, yet with subtle dignity. The daring yet significantly evocative TWELVE is mirrored with the racy and prominent ‘tank’ which sits at the foot. Indicating the watch’s reserve power, the addition shows Raymond Weil’s dedication to innovation and brings the watch racing towards a sophisticated finish, reflecting the 18ct rose gold tachymeter bezel and numeral batons.

The Raymond Weil Nabucco range is the ultimate cross between sporting style and understated elegance, whilst still somehow remaining audacious through its delicate nature. The advanced craftsmanship is nothing less than that already synonymous with family-owned Swiss watchmakers and makes for the ultimate accompaniment to any setting. Be it casual chit-chat or business brunching, a Nabucco watch is the timepiece for you.

If you would like to discover more about this superb range, or even just to speak to one of our friendly watch specialists, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can contact us on 01524 38 48 58, where we will be eagerly awaiting your call.


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