March 13th, 2015

Tension and Timekeeping – Tissot and the 6 Nations

It goes without saying that the Six Nations is one of the highlights of the sporting calendar, and the appeal of this event in terms of Rugby Union is remarkable. Once a year, spectators who otherwise possess very little ardour for rugby become truly fervent in their support for their home nation, and this prestigious tournament – held over several weeks – never fails to dominate the headlines.

The 2015 Six Nations Event

This year, English supporters began the tournament on the crest of a wave due to an unprecedented rearguard action to defeat the much-fancied Wales, but the tournament hasn’t been defined by English brilliance since that early clash; that honour must surely go to Ireland. As the defending champions, Ireland were always going to have a lot of pressure upon them going into this year’s event, but you wouldn’t know that judging by their performances. Unbeaten so far, this weekend’s game against Wales is huge, but you wouldn’t bet against the Irish coming through once again.

However, what you may not have realised is that luxury watch brand Tissot is also playing a major role in the Six Nations, although it’s naturally a more “behind the scenes” role than the athletes on the rugby pitches! Not too many watch brands carry close ties with rugby, but Tissot is one of them, and timekeeping at the Six Nations is definitely one of their crown jewels in terms of partnerships.

As part of this alliance, Tissot regularly give away some examples of their handiwork to lucky persons over the course of the tournament, but if you kept a close eye on the adverts during the build up to the 2015 Six Nations, you may have noticed that one of their timepieces was featured there too. The watch in question can be seen above, and is a member of the PRC 200 family. As you’d expect, it’s an undeniable sports watch, but is also a timepiece for the everyday wearer. With a classic aesthetic, a readable dial (made all the more prominent by an unusually trim bezel) and a commendable water resistance, this is a fantastically practical watch, and is typical of the PRC 200 range as a whole.

The Established PRC 2000 Collection

The PRC 200 collection is all about convenience, so this assemblage – made especially famous by the current association with the Six Nations – is one to respect all year round. Within our own stock of PRC wristwatches, both quartz and automatic mechanical movements are available, so a leaning towards ever-ready handiness or complication can find satisfaction within this selection. You can view our current stock of Tissot PRC 200 watches right here on our store website, or even peruse a wider array of Tissot watches at your leisure. Our selection is unparalleled, so be sure to contact our team today by calling 01524 38 48 58 and we’ll be happy to point you towards your ideal watch.


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