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August 6th, 2015

The Alpina & Ice Legacy Project’s Glacial Crossing

When it comes to dependability, not even the coldest temperatures on the planet can prevent Alpina from making a molehill out of a glacier. Whilst we were there to mark the start of their latest mission, the 24th May saw veteran polar explorer Børge Ousland and intrepid Vicent Colliard accomplish yet another stage of the Alpina & Ice Legacy Project, whereby they plan to accumulate, plot and collect scientific data to aid the preservation of the world’s largest glaciers and the ancestral ice.

The latest traversing undertaken was of Alaska’s most dangerous glacier which follows on from the previous glacier crossing of the Main Spitsbergen Glacier, back in 2014. The unsupported crossing of the Skitine Ice-Field marks the second of 20 missions to be undertaken in a decade – commencing from their initial crossing – and saw 170km walked and skied in a mere 16 days.

Perfect Polar Piece to Tackle the Challenge

With such tough conditions challenging their every advance, they required a horological smartwatch as hardy and undeterred by the adverse weather conditions as the human spirit by which the explorers determinedly undertook their mission. The genuine water-resistant leather strap and dome shaped scratch-resistant sapphire crystal of the Alpina Smartwatch make for the perfect polar partner, able to cope with the harshest of nature’s blows.

With IOS and Android multi-compatibility, the Alpina smartwatch is always on time. Whilst the mission was unsupported, it was offered a lifeline through the MotionX® activity tracking of this hortological masterpiece, which is complemented by the supplementary MotionX® Cloud backup and restore facility.

Energy Preservation

One of the more revolutionary features offered by this apt adventurer’s accomplice is the Sleeptracker® sleep monitoring system, available as an additional app. Encapsulating seven years of biomechanics research and development into human motion and sleep optimisation, the Sleeptracker® measures and correlates your resting heart-rate with sleep quality and establishes an accurately advanced sleep-cycle alarm solution. The Alpina Horological Smartwatch helped to take some of the burden and worry out of energy conservation on the trek, which is a primary concern on such a bold mission.

Stylish Yet Impervious Dial

The stainless steel nature and high quality calibre of the timepiece’s materials make it impervious to the weather’s abrasive nature. However, despite being built for battle with the elements and war with Mother Nature, the sleek and stylish elegance of the dial’s black sunray shade make the Alpina Horological Smartwatch an enviable dinner guest for the discerning diner’s wrist.

With a crown threaded with a connected functions pusher, the 44mm face provides a concise framing for the classy feature. This future Alpina classic is complemented with quartz winding with the facade clearly displaying the hours and minutes, as well as offering the date.

Alpina at Banks Lyon

At Banks Lyon, we are proud to boast a range of Alpina watches, showcasing their fastidious attention to detail and dedication to style. Nevertheless, their implementation in the Ice Legacy Project indicates Alpina’s ability to combine both an adventurous outdoor utility purpose and a level of enthusiasm and devotion to fashion that are rarely united with such subtle delicacy.

Whilst our Lancaster branch is currently undergoing renovation, we are still open and it is business as usual. Through the renewal we hope to make our valued customer’s shopping experience that bit more enjoyable and provide our stock with the retail framing it deserves, so keep checking back for more information. Until then if you would like more information on our Alpina range then don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01524 38 48 58 where one of our team of friendly experts will be eagerly awaiting your call.


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