August 10th, 2014

The Raymond Weil Freelancer Range

Raymond Weil proudly stand as one of the very last truly independent watchmakers, and they have carved out a niche all of their own by maintaining this sense of valued tradition, whilst continually re-evaluating their timepieces to create ever more free-spirited designs. The Raymond Weil Freelancer collection is very possibly the ‘flagship’ brand name of this long-standing watch manufacturer, and it perfectly epitomises the lack of restrictions that should rightly be placed on the formation of genuinely iconic horological instruments.

As befits an assemblage that is specifically dedicated to people who ‘want to remain in control of their own destiny’, the Freelancer range is exceptionally varied, combining timepieces for both ladies and gents alike. The hallmark of the Freelancer selection is elegance and an indefinable urban charm, and when you view a Freelancer watch you really do begin to understand Raymond Weil’s comparison to the freedom of an artist in front of a blank canvas or musical score; the sense of creativity positively exudes from every angle of each wristwatch.

Here at Banks Lyon, we have a large collection of Raymond Weil watches, including many examples of the popular Freelancer family. Launched in 2007, the Freelancer continues to be one of Raymond Weil’s most exciting ensemble casts, and in light of that fact we thought we’d present an overview of some of our Freelancer timepieces, starting with this incredibly sleek gents’ wristwatch. Outstanding proof that a desirable wristwatch does not have to be brash, this understated timepiece boasts a self-winding automatic movement with a robust 38 hour power reserve, so it is far more than an instance of form over function. Retailing for £1,195, this Raymond Weil Freelancer Gents watch is obtainable on 0% finance for 36 monthly payments of £26.56 and a 20% deposit.

The best seller within the Freelancer range has always been the chronograph, and this timepiece has continually evolved over the years into ever more avante-garde directions. There is an exceptional degree of choice within the Freelancer chronograph watches that are on sale here at Banks Lyon, but one of our favourite variants is undoubtedly the Raymond Weil Freelancer Automatic Chronograph watch. Combining polished stainless steel with a striking dial that is outlined in black, white and yellow, this contemporary wristwatch also possesses a stylish leather bracelet and a automatic movement; a feature that is fully visible through an exhibition caseback. Available for £2,095, this chronograph is also on offer for 36 monthly payments of £46.56 and an additional 20% deposit.

Concluding our choice of Freelancer watches is a ladies’ timepiece, and this gorgeous wristwatch, almost the double of the gent’s watch we mentioned earlier, blends both feminine chic with the reliability of highly prestigious Swiss watchmaking. The dial of this Freelancer is instantly memorable, as it displays a delightfully textured central section and 10 diamonds that encircle the circumference in place of the indexes. Equipped with a date function, a water resistance of 100 metres and a superbly convenient Swiss quartz movement, this Raymond Weil Ladies Diamond Freelancer watch retails at £895, but can be yours on 0% finance for 24 monthly payments of £33.56 alongside a 10% deposit.

Always at the forefront of Raymond Weil’s innovative horological campaigns, the Freelancer range combines both practicality with modern grace, and if you have any further questions about these superb watches then we welcome you to get in touch with our customer-focused team today. Contact us now by calling 01524 38 48 58 or emailing [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist with your enquiry.


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