Where Watches and Jewellery Meet: The Beauty of Georg Jensen

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It’s been a while since we placed a spotlight over our Georg Jensen collection, however if you are interested in a feminine watch which is as much an exquisite fashion accessory as it is a functional timepiece then they may well become your brand of choice.

This is because their designers work to create outstanding items which are subtle yet still mesmerising, with designs that are surprisingly affordable despite their aura of high fashion. The white Vivianna Oval watch is a fantastic case in point. It’s hard to imagine an occasion on which this watch wouldn’t be a suitable finishing touch for your outfit, with its timeless silver face and thick white band.

With a fascinating story behind the watch’s creation, it also provides an interesting talking point: the Vivianna Oval design has been created in memory of Vivianna the designer, and as such it incorporates the aesthetics of the Nordic mountains which captured her heart and mind as a young child. This allows the unembellished yet striking white and silver of the watch to take on a somewhat nostalgic and even romantic charm.

We currently have this watch available for £500.00, or on a 24 month 0% finance plan which would allow you to pay a 10% deposit followed by £18.75 per month.

However, if you would prefer something which truly asserts itself as an item of jewellery as well as a watch then there is perhaps no option more appropriate that the Vivianna Bangle. Exactly as the name suggests, this is a stunning twist on the classic watch design, with a stainless steel bangle in the place of a more conventional strap.

Perfect for the woman who wants to make a splash whilst retaining her air of sophistication, this is a watch which is simultaneously non-obtrusive and enviably unique. Although the hand set diamond bezel is undoubtedly a remarkable feature, we are especially enamoured by the mirrored dial. This allows the Vivianna Bangle to catch the light and provides that magical twinkle as you meet with friends or dance the night away.

This watch is currently available for the special price of £1,615.00, and is also available on a 0% 36-month finance plan with a 20% deposit and a cost of £43.03 each month thereafter.

As we’re sure you can tell, these watches offer a refined excellence which is perfectly at home whether you’re walking down the high street or attending a formal dinner. They also make for a fantastic choice when looking for anniversary or birthday gifts, and provide a fantastic entry point if you are new to the realm of the luxury watch.

Although the Banks Lyon store is closed for refurbishment until October 5th, you can browse our collection of Georg Jensen watches online at your leisure. If you would prefer to speak with us about the available options, you can get in touch at any time on 01524 384858; we are always happy to discuss the many different watch and jewellery brands currently on offer.