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One of the world's most celebrated up and coming luxury fashion jewellers, CARAT* was founded in 2003 by the Englishman Scott Thompson, but their designs have rapidly increased in both prestige and popularity due to their fundamental blending of timeless fascination and contemporary style. Only ten years have passed since the brand name’s inception, but CARAT* has enjoyed a meteoric rise that has led to the company providing jewellery for a range of prestigious occasions; such as the BAFTAs. 

CARAT* jewellery is already widely observed upon many prominent international celebrities, including Amy Nuttall, Lisa Snowdon, Juliet Stevenson and Kara Tointon, and it is no less desired for everyday wear. The concept behind CARAT* jewellery is the creation of beautiful luxury designs that are intended to be both eminently wearable and regularly admired. These items are not purposed to be hidden away in a safe. Using their own uniquely created gemstones which are hand cut and polished to perfection, CARAT* have been able to create some truly spectacular jewellery, and at a fraction of the price exhibited by many of their competitors.

At Banks Lyon, we are proud to be numbered among the select few registered CARAT* stockists in Lancashire, and we offer an exemplary assortment of jewellery from this incredibly exciting manufacturer. Our stock includes CARAT* bracelets, CARAT* earrings, CARAT* pendants and CARAT* rings to suit a full spectrum of preferences. Each individual piece of CARAT* jewellery is expertly fashioned to pay full attention to even the most miniscule of details, and strives to conform to the brand’s long standing vision of genuinely magnificent workmanship.

If you’re searching for one of the many reputable CARAT* stockists within the UK, then look no further than Banks Lyon. Our vast wealth of experience allows us to provide matchless standards of customer service, and the knowledge of our specialised staff is invaluable when it comes to guiding a customer through any buying process. Our entire range of CARAT* jewellery comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty, so you can always be sure of the authenticity of your purchase when buying from Banks Lyon. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any specific information about our collection of CARAT* products.