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Chopard jewellery is renowned across the globe for its luxurious and timeless aesthetics. In particular are the loose diamonds which have become a trademark of Chopard jewellery; being featured on many pieces of jewellery such as engagement rings and necklaces.

The Chopard Happy Diamonds collection is a series of watches and jewellery that are linked with one very unique feature; every watch in the collection has loose, moveable diamonds infused between two sapphire crystals. The immense positive response to the unique free moving diamonds diminished any shadow of doubt that the design would not be a huge success. The admiring reaction to this bold move was incredible and today it is one of the most famous designs in the Chopard jewellery collection. When the collection was first designed a great deal of meticulous attention was poured into the initial engineering and development process.

The preliminary process of designing the happy diamonds collection was somewhat tainted with questions of integrity and if the design would be a feasible. How would the diamonds in the middle be able to move freely without scratching the sapphire case or how would they prevent them from coming into contact with the moving hands. As one of the hardest materials in the world, it was difficult to figure out how to prevent the diamonds from scratching even the most scratch resistant cases, but the solution was both elegant and effective; each diamond was protected in a tube of gold that protected the other parts of the watch and gave a smoother more free movement to the loose diamonds.

The sheer precision of the engineering is as flawless as the diamonds which emanate luxury from the core of the design. The feature indisputably ensures the brand is easily distinguished throughout the world

Here at Banks Lyon we are authorised Chopard jewellery stockists, so you can be sure that every piece of jewellery purchased from us is genuine. If you would like more information about the items on our website, feel free to get in touch with us 01524 384858 or email us on and our team will help you get the information you require to get the right piece for you.

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