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The First IWC Ingenieur Watches

IWC Ingenieur watches have always represented a tour de force of pure engineering, quality craftsmanship and technological innovation. Inspired by the adrenaline-fueled world of classic motorsport, the design of the Ingenieur Automatic harks back to the very engineer-centric 1950s, with a relatively simplistic dial being combined with an advanced winding mechanism to yield a timepiece that was at the forefront of modern watchmaking. Chief among their concerns was the need to protect and screen against magnetic fields, shocks and intrusion by water, so the Ingenieur was very robust. The IWC Ingenieur family also utilises materials that are typical of the motorsport industry, such as ceramic and titanium, to further establish the character of these timepieces.


The Ingenieur – at the Forefront of Technology

The anti-magnetic inner cage is probably the most well-known feature of the Ingenieur, protecting against magnetic fields of up to  50,000 gauss as it does, but that’s not their only innovation. Like many IWC collections, the Ingenieur family contains a timepiece with a tourbillon movement and examples of perpetual calendars, but there’s a lot more to commend this range for than just the complexities of haute horlogerie. A particularly functional innovation of the Ingenieur would actually pass almost unnoticed but actually allows the length of the strap to be adjusted using only one hand. The clasp encloses a ‘fine adjustment’ system, allowing the change to be made at the touch of a button. The bracelet itself is also satin finished and polished for an additional level of comfort, proving that the attention to detail within this collection goes beyond what you might initially think.

Aesthetically, the range is beloved by many, including Formula 1 World champions Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, who both have an Ingenieur chronograph that’s dedicated to them. The vintage elements are obvious, but not the sole attraction of the appearance. Back in 1976, the designer Gerald Genta redesigned the Ingenieur within a sporty steel case, and even today that step stands as a significant innovation in IWC’s favour. Forever raising the standards of quality, aesthetics, longevity and reliability, the Ingenieur name is an example of fine watchmaking ingenuity at its best.


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Banks Lyon Jewellers are the only official stockists of IWC watches between Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester, and we also make these timepieces available on a variety of flexible 0% finance plans. Deposits start at just 10%, and the timeframe for payment can be as long as 48 months, giving you unprecedented flexibility.

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