The Montblanc brand name has been celebrated for generations, and now operates within hundreds of boutiques across more than seventy different countries. The ‘white star’ logo of Montblanc has symbolised unrivalled quality for more than a century and, as well as a full range of luxury watches and jewellery, the company has predominantly made its name manufacturing high quality writing instruments. The name ‘Montblanc’ is apt, as the brand has always maintained its position atop the summit of the writing world, and so Montblanc pens and accessories are still in widespread use today.

Montblanc pens are organised into unique collections, and each of these assemblages offers something different. The Meisterstück assortment has been in circulation since 1924, and these legendary writing instruments exhibit gold and platinum detailing to create pens for the most opulent of environments. In contrast, Montblanc’s Starwalker family has been fashioned with an especially sleek aesthetic, and has often utilised rhodium details to stunning effect. For an undeniable blend of regality, look no further than the Bohème range. One of these pens by Montblanc boasts more than 1,000 brilliant cut diamonds, giving some indication of the lavish construction used within these instruments.

At Banks Lyon we are proud to supply Montblanc pens and accessories. Montblanc might have originated within the sphere of writing, but they have also proved well able to adapt to additional demands of the luxury market. Because of this expansion, we are able to offer selected Montblanc cufflinks to suit men who are looking to lend an extra touch of sophistication to a dress event. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of these designs have proved eminently popular with many audiences, and also imply that Montblanc’s creativity shows no signs of diminishing.

Our professional expertise extends over numerous areas in the sector of prestige jewellery, and so our Montblanc pens and accessories represent an especially valued, and unique, part of our stock. Here at Banks Lyon, we have developed an unparalleled reputation for friendly and professional service, and so we welcome you to contact us if you would like to enquire further about any of our Montblanc pens and accessories. As an authorised stockist for a plethora of luxury brand names, we only supply the highest quality authentic merchandise, so you can always be sure of receiving premier standards of treatment from our experienced team.