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OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Master Chronometer Sapphire 42 mm Calibre 3861 Watch
£87.60 per month on 0% finance
OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Master Chronometer Sapphire 42 mm Calibre 3861 Watch
£91.80 per month on 0% finance
OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Master Chronometer Hesalite 42 mm Calibre 3861 Watch
£80.55 per month on 0% finance
OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Master Chronometer Hesalite 42 mm Calibre 3861 Watch
£76.50 per month on 0% finance
OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Chronograph Apollo 8 Watch
£125.10 per month on 0% finance
OMEGA Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial Master Chronometer 44.25mm Watch
£108.45 per month on 0% finance
OMEGA Speedmaster '57 Co-Axial Chronograph Watch
£107.10 per month on 0% finance
OMEGA Speedmaster X33 Skywalker Watch
£68.11 per month on 0% finance
OMEGA Speedmaster '57 Stainless Steel Strap Watch
£102.90 per month on 0% finance
OMEGA Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph 38mm Watch
£83.40 per month on 0% finance
OMEGA Speedmaster White Side of the Moon Diamond Watch
OMEGA Speedmaster Chronoscope Co-Axial Chronometer 43MM
£107.10 per month on 0% finance

Omega Speedmaster Watches on 0% Finance

Omega was founded in 1848 in La Chaux-de-Fonds by Louis Brand. In 1885, they created the world’s first mass-produced calibre with the Labrador and, in 1892, Omega developed the first minute-repeating watch. Since then, the Swiss watchmaker has continued to make a mark in the horological world. The brand has always distinguished itself by its cutting-edge precision, elegant design and pioneering technology.

For over 170 years, Omega has been a titan of the watchmaking industry, offering precision and quality in every timepiece and movement released – whether on land, in the ocean or in space.

In fact, the Omega Speedmaster was the only watch to survive NASA testing in 1962; several timepieces were purchased and rigorously tested by NASA scientists, but the Speedmaster was the only one to pass the temperature, speed and pressure tests it was put through. In the same year, astronaut Wally Schirra wore a Speedmaster during his Mercury Sigma 7 Mission, the first Omega watch to enter space; the mission lasted for 15 minutes and 28 seconds.

This stunning collection was worn on the Gemini program as well and has had a long relationship with the Apollo program, including Apollo 11. The Speedmaster watch has been cited as the first and only watch to be worn on the moon when, in 1969, Buzz Aldrin wore the timepiece on his wrist as he stepped outside the capsule.

To this day, the watchmaker continues to collaborate with space programs around the world, offering precise technology and first-class performance to demanding environments.

Designed and manufactured to be one of the most reliable in the industry, Omega Speedmaster watches have also gained an established reputation for incredible durability and accuracy. It is testament to these qualities that the overall design and dimensions have changed little since the inception of the original models, though newer watches include additional features that bring the collection up to date. You can find the same classic, timeless appeal in the contemporary Speedmaster pieces, which we firmly believe will never go out of style.

With each new watch that Omega creates, they raise the standards of watchmaking. The Speedmaster is the culmination of timeless aesthetics, stunning craftsmanship and exceptional performance, and each piece in the range is suitable for a variety of settings. From special occasions to sporty events and life in the great outdoors, Speedmaster watches are the perfect accessory for the modern gent or lady.

A Wide Variety of Omega Speedmaster Watches to Choose From

The Omega Speedmaster collection is also renowned for its vast selection of models, styles and sizes; there is a watch for everyone, whether you prefer sportier models, dress watches or history-rich pieces – but you can always expect great performance and design no matter what.

The brand ensures great care goes into every single timepiece they manufacture. This attention to detail that Omega is famous for has allowed the brand to produce what is considered to be the ‘king of complications’; the most complicated watch Omega has ever created, the Speedmaster Perpetual Calendar, is limited to only 50 pieces.

In addition, each Omega model can require up to 500 hours to create, further proof of the dedication and care that the Swiss watchmaker puts into their watches. Omega’s passion for quality and excellence has allowed them to gain a legion of fans worldwide, from astronauts to politicians and actors. These include Daniel Craig, John F Kennedy, Elvis and Prince William.

We’re proud to stock several Omega Speedmaster models at Banks Lyon, including the Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph Hesalite Crystal Moon Watch, the Omega Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial Master Chronometer and the Omega Speedmaster ’57 Watch. You can also find a selection of limited-edition models, which include the Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch Apollo 11 piece. These models pay particular attention to Omega’s space travel heritage, but every watch in the Speedmaster range attests to the values of innovation and durability that reflect this history.

According to Omega, since the Speedmaster’s introduction in 1957, the collection “has been characterised by its precision, readability and robustness”. The Swiss brand makes use of innovative technology in its stunning watches, including features such as Super-LumiNovaTM. This technology – which was created in 1993 in Japan – has not only helped divers to keep track of their time accurately but also explorers across the globe and in space.

Many Omega watches, including those in the Speedmaster collection, are also classed as Master Chronometer, a designation that showcases the exclusivity, precision and sturdiness of the models. Capable of withstanding even the harshest of environments, Master Chronometers have to pass eight thorough tests that examine their power reserve and water-resistance, as well as shock resistance (models undergo tests where they’re put into conditions equivalent to 5,000G, but their complex mechanisms and parts still need to retain their performance at all times).

With sophisticated materials such as hesalite crystal, precise movements like the mechanical calibre 1861 (which was worn on the moon), and complications like the moonphase, the Speedmaster collection is truly one of a kind and sought-after by many fans of the brand. Crafted with a variety of colours, sizes and styles, the Speedmaster range is suitable for professionals, adventurers and the modern gent or lady who is passionate about heritage, design and performance.

Contact Us for Omega Speedmaster Watches

At Banks Lyon, we’re proud to be authorised stockists of Omega watches, offering a wide range of timepieces from the Speedmaster collection to aficionados everywhere. From the Omega Moonwatch to the Omega Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial, we ensure 100% guarantee of authenticity when purchasing a Speedmaster model.

You also have the option to buy a watch from Banks Lyon Jewellers your own way and at your convenience – you can purchase online or instore, buy a model and pay all costs upfront or choose a flexible zero finance monthly payment plan which allows you to spread your payment over a time frame. The 0% finance option is available for pieces above £500 with a deposit starting from as little as 10%. No matter your preference, we ensure you will always get excellent service.

Whether you’re buying an Omega Speedmaster watch – or any of our other stunning watches – as a gift for a loved one or to yourself, it can be difficult to choose the perfect model. At Banks Lyon, our personal shopper service can help you to narrow down your options and make the perfect decision. Our team has many years of experience and knowledge of Omega and all its timepieces and will be more than happy to help.

Myles Harrison, our Lancaster store manager, is also a Grand Ambassador for Omega, a prestigious and exclusive title that not many are capable of achieving, so you can be confident that you’re receiving expert advice on your Omega watch at all times.

You can browse our website to learn more about the watches we stock at Banks Lyon or contact us on 01524 38 10 20 to enquire about them, be it in regard to availability or price. Alternatively, email with your message or visit our Lancaster or Kendal stores to take your Speedmaster watch home today.