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Tissot Systerur steel Watch
Tissot Systerur Watch

Even today, vintage watches remain a popular choice within society. In the world of luxury watches, history and prestige count for a lot, and many people select their preferred timepiece based upon these principles. In bygone years, the field of ocular horology possibly produced watches in more varied forms than it tends to do today, where the wristwatch is undoubtedly king, but that doesn’t mean that these more dated designs are any less valued. They are undoubtedly less common, but they are still present.

The traditional pocket watch is still a superb addition to any horological collection, and when worn at a dress event they will still command the attention as ideal statement pieces. Tissot T-Pocket watches and Tissot Systerur watches are some of the best examples of modern day pocket watches, and these highly accessible timepieces are a delightful investment for any consummate modern professional.

Made according to the same high standards that we have come to expect from Tissot over the years, Tissot T-Pocket watches and Tissot Systerur watches are prime examples of the sort of craftsmanship that was prized in antiquity, and indeed still commands respect today, and they are imbued with just the right hint of nostalgia. Tissot is already steeped in history and tradition, and the inclusion of these uniquely individual watches within their portfolio only builds upon this legacy.

Perfect for dress occasions or for lovers of vintage fashion, Tissot T-Pocket watches and Tissot Systerur watches are reliable and attractive jewellery pieces that will never lose their appeal. If you’d like to find out more about these watches, feel free to contact our experienced customer team by calling 01524 38 48 58 or emailing Personalshopper@bankslyon.co.uk today.