110th Anniversary Celebrations for Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen News & Releases

Legendary Danish silversmith Georg Jensen is one of the finest and most respected brand names in the entire history of jewellery, and this titan within the luxury world is now in the exceptional position of being able to celebrate its 110th anniversary. The original Georg Jensen silversmith premises opened within Copenhagen in 1904, and the company was founded by the man from whom this iconic brand now takes its name. This decision to establish a solo enterprise was no minor feat for Georg Jensen to take, as he was risking what little capital he was in possession of when he elected to set up on his own. Looking back from the privileged position of comfortable retrospection, this leap of faith has undoubtedly proved to be the correct choice.

To commemorate this landmark anniversary, Georg Jensen has released a brand new pendant (see right) according to one of the master silversmith’s pioneering designs. First revealed this week in Hong Kong, the pendant conforms to a delicate winged shape that is gorgeously intertwined with curling and intricate foliage, and the focal point of the piece is a gloriously polished black agate. The delicate chain is also heavily embellished with similar, yet smaller, stones, as is the suspended feature that hangs below the main pendant, meaning that a great deal of scrutiny is required to appreciate all of this pendant’s elegant splendour. Only 110 pieces of this iconic pendant are ever going to be made, so it will almost indubitably be venerated as a collector’s piece in the near future.

However, not content with just unveiling the anniversary pendant alone, Georg Jensen has also introduced a new brooch (see left) with a range of similarly lavish motifs. This stylish adornment is also based upon a vintage and hand-drawn design from Georg Jensen himself, and it draws heavily upon the elements that are intrinsic to a subtly blooming flower in its aesthetics. The entire brooch is painstakingly sculpted from sterling silver, and this precious metal again frames an agate at the epicentre of the brooch, whilst smaller oval stones orbit the circumference. Further releases are also planned over the course of this year, including new watch types and luxury accessories, so the forthcoming months are certainly set to be an exciting time for Georg Jensen enthusiasts.

Here at Banks Lyon, we sell an incredibly broad range of Georg Jensen watches and Georg Jensen jewellery, and so we are delighted to see this famed Danish company reaching such a notable milestone in its lifespan. Georg Jensen designs are always some of the most distinctive and memorable blueprints that you could ever wish to see, and have been so ever since the inception of the original concepts, so few jewellery pieces are better suited to making a statement than the work of this historic brand name. If you’d like to receive any more information about our collection of luxury Georg Jensen watches and jewellery, or if you’d like to register your interest in a particular piece, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01524 38 48 58.