April Birthstone Spotlight: Diamonds

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April is a month often associated with fools and showers, but for those fortunate enough to be born between the 1st and the 30th it is also a month of diamonds. Arguably the most sought after precious gem, diamonds are the sole birthstone nominated to represent the month of April. Found in numerous pieces of gorgeous jewellery aside from engagement rings, there are a great number of ways to celebrate your own or someone else’s birthday using diamonds throughout these dates.

With roots stemming from the Bible, birthstones are often gifted to those nearest and dearest to us to celebrate the occasion. Appropriately for April, the most common associations with diamonds are love, so there are plenty of ways to show someone else how much they mean to you with the range of diamond jewellery that we offer at Banks Lyon.

Although commonly envisioned to be a colourless stone, there are an array of sublime hues and variations to choose from when it comes to diamonds. Frequently sought after pigments include deep blues, bright yellows, gorgeous greens, and even dark blacks, but there are numerous other colours that are available, albeit rare.

Furthermore, there are multiple cuts, colours, clarities, and carats to decide between. If you are looking for the perfect diamond, especially a diamond engagement ring, it may be worth visiting us in store so that we can talk you through what are often referred to as the Four C’s.

There is an abundance of choice when it comes to handpicking jewellery that incorporates diamonds, so it’s important to consider the piece that your loved one would want. If a marriage proposal doesn’t seem quite right, consider what pieces they usually like to wear and purchase them a gift that you know they will cherish.

For instance, someone who often wears necklaces for various occasions will appreciate the grand gesture of being presented with a diamond variety that they will be able to wear day-to-day. Similarly, an avid wearer of bracelets will be over the moon if presented with the diamond kind.

If you are hoping to find a gift for someone who doesn’t seem to wear jewellery often, an understated elegant piece will be the perfect selection.

At Banks Lyon, we are more than happy to help you choose the perfect gift for a special occasion. For further advice or details about our range of fine jewellery, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01524 38 10 20.

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