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Georg Jensen A/S is a Danish brand that specialises in modern and sophisticated – not to mention timeless – design. Since 1904, the company has created unique jewellery, homeware and watches that showcase an extraordinary eye for detail and artistic, yet functional, aesthetics.

At Banks Lyon, we stock a wide range of Georg Jensen products, so you can see for yourself how elegant and bold the brand’s creations truly are. Take a look at what makes Georg Jensen so special, from its quality to its beauty.

Georg Jensen: Elegant Scandinavian Design

Georg Jensen was a Danish silversmith who founded Georg Jensen A/S in 1904. He began training as a goldsmith when he was only 14 and, in 1884, created his first piece of jewellery.

Georg Jensen tried to make a living as a fine artist but found it difficult, which is why he eventually turned to products like jewellery and hollowware.

Over the years, Jensen developed a passion for silverware and decided to focus on unique designs that showcased his craftsmanship. Jensen believed that pieces should be both beautiful and functional, no matter whether they were jewellery or products for the home.

Georg Jensen A/S offers products known for their Art Nouveau influence and sculptural elements, as well as neo-classicism and rococo trends. However, despite drawing inspiration from countless styles, the brand manages to be one-of-a-kind with its signature minimalism and striking silhouettes.

Georg Jensen jewellery is highly sought after around the world, with some pieces even having a waiting list of over two years.

Georg Jensen Jewellery

The Danish silversmith has become synonymous with sleek, modern pieces that make a visual statement. Focusing on natural forms and curves, as well as asymmetric shapes and bold designs, Georg Jensen is the epitome of elegance, luxury and craftsmanship.

The satin effect on many of the products Georg Jensen offers is instantly recognisable and makes any piece look even more beautiful. This sheen is achieved by an annealing process and by buffing the jewellery (as well as homeware and watches), giving each item a modern, polished look.

If you’re looking for luxury jewellery, including the stunning Georg Jensen pieces, we have everything you could hope for at our Lancaster and Kendal stores.

Below are just a few examples of what the Danish brand has to offer, so check them out and speak to us if you’d like to learn more about these or other Georg Jensen pieces.

Georg Jensen Offspring Necklace with Heart Pendant

This sterling silver necklace is a delicate piece that tells the story of the bond between mother and child. The two curving shapes create a silver heart and reminds of love, affection and the power of caring for someone else. The Offspring collection was created by Jacqueline Rabun, an American designer who wishes for jewellery to become an integral part of one’s style.

You can adjust the length of the pendant as well, which ensures the piece is not only comfortable to wear but also looks its best no matter what.

You can purchase the Georg Jensen Offspring Necklace with Heart Pendant for only £125 at Banks Lyon.

Georg Jensen Halo 18ct Yellow Gold Earrings

The Danish brand crafts more than just silver jewellery. A great example are these subtle 18ct yellow gold earrings, which blend Scandinavian design with chicness. The studs have a brilliant cut diamond inside a circle, an understated decorative touch that makes the earrings even more elegant – and makes them perfect with any outfit and for any occasion.

The Halo collection, including these earrings, were made by designer Sophie Bille Brahe, who was inspired by the night and, more specifically, the phases of the moon and the stars glittering in the sky.

The stunning Georg Jensen Halo 18ct Yellow Gold Earrings are available for £675 or from £10.13 per month at 0% finance.

Georg Jensen Offspring Necklace with Heart Pendant

We’ve seen the beautiful Offspring necklace in sterling silver, but you can also purchase it in 18ct yellow gold. The egg shapes are interlocked, with the small one protected by the larger one, symbolising the love and connection between mother and child.

A necklace that will never go out of fashion, and not only because of its lovely, timeless design – the celebration of familial bonds makes this a unique piece that many people will want to wear close to their heart.

This yellow gold Georg Jensen Offspring Necklace with Heart Pendant can be yours for £875 or from £13.13 per month at 0% finance.

Georg Jensen Halo 18ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Earrings

Scandinavian designs are known for their minimal aesthetics that are visually impactful at the same time. There’s a lot of beauty in subtle jewellery, including in these modern yellow gold and diamond earrings.

Part of the Halo collection and designed by Sophie Bille Brahe, the 18ct yellow gold earrings come with several brilliant cut diamonds that circle a larger stone and which work together to create a look that is luxurious but also effortless and relaxed.

These particular earrings were inspired by the Nordic light of the night sky and the glow that accompanies the moon.

Interested in these Georg Jensen Halo 18ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Earrings? They’re available at Banks Lyon for £995 or from £14.93 per month at 0% finance.

Georg Jensen Mercy Necklace with Pendant

Also created by American designer Jacqueline Rabun, the Mercy collection – and this 18ct yellow gold necklace with pendant – represent the flow of time and our journey through life. The space between the two ends of the pendant symbolise a moment for thought.

Just like other Georg Jensen pieces, this necklace also has a minimalist style. Nevertheless, the piece can be bold at the same time, especially when taking into account the natural forms and tactile nature of Rabun’s work.

Perfect for the contemporary woman with her own style who wishes to complement her wardrobe with a fine, elegant piece she can wear everywhere.

You can buy the Georg Jensen Mercy Necklace with Pendant for £1,100 at Banks Lyon or from £16.50 per month at 0% finance.

Georg Jensen Halo 18ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Hoop Earrings

Another gorgeous example of the Halo collection. The designer was inspired by the Nordic light and the phases of the moon to create these elegant hoop earrings.

The two rows of diamonds hold another diamond in-between, offering a bold glow that manages to also be effortless and subtle. The diamonds total 0.44 carats and pair wonderfully with the 18ct yellow gold, offering a look that can be worn on every occasion.

You can find the Georg Jensen Halo 18ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Hoop Earrings at our stores for £2,125 or from £31.88 per month at 0% finance.

We offer many iconic Georg Jensen pieces at Banks Lyon, so get in touch to learn more about this Scandinavian brand or any other luxury jewellery in stock. We’re available on WhatsApp (07395 875 175) as well if you’d like to chat to us.