Best OMEGA Watch: Choosing the Right Watch for Every Occasion

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When it comes to Swiss luxury watches, OMEGA are a titan of the industry. The brand is at the forefront of watchmaking, creating timepieces that have conquered land, the ocean and the skies. From being the official timekeeper of the Olympic games to being the first watch worn on the moon, and James Bond’s preferred brand, OMEGA truly know how to stand out.

OMEGA watches have a reputation for being sophisticated, precise and high-tech, which have garnered the brand a large following around the globe. Since their inception in 1848, OMEGA have crafted many timepieces, and we’re taking a look at some of the best OMEGA watches so that you can better choose the right one for you or for that special someone in your life.


OMEGA Collections

OMEGA understand what people like. Their watches are perfect for different tastes and occasions, since each collection has its own unique features. Whether you’re searching for a sporty or a dress watch, the Swiss watchmaker has exactly what you’re looking for.

OMEGA have five main families of watches:

  1. OMEGA Seamaster Watches
  2. OMEGA Constellation Watches
  3. OMEGA Speedmaster Watches
  4. OMEGA De Ville Watches
  5. OMEGA Specialties

There are several lines in these collections and each model in them is well-suited for different individuals. Considering there are so many pieces to choose from, you can be confident that they will easily match your personality and personal preferences. OMEGA watches are stylish as well as high-performance, making them a superb option for deep ocean adventures, a day at the office or a wedding party.

At Banks Lyon, we stock a wide range of models from every OMEGA collection, so we’re confident that you’ll find ‘the one’ with us. We love these OMEGA watches for the amazing features they offer:

  1. OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300 Chronometer 42mm Watch
  2. OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m “Big Blue” GMT Watch
  3. OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Steel 41mm Watch
  4. OMEGA Constellation Manhattan Quartz 25mm Watch
  5. OMEGA Globemaster Co-Axial 39mm Watch
  6. OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Chronograph Hesalite Crystal Moon Watch
  7. OMEGA De Ville Prestige Quartz 37.4mm Watch
  8. OMEGA De Ville Ladymatic Watch
  9. OMEGA Railmaster Master Chronometer Strap Watch

1. OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300 Chronometer 42mm Watch

Suitable for the modern gent who is passionate about adventure and is looking for a piece to take on his outdoor explorations.

The Diver 300 line is a fan-favourite and its admirers include celebrities like Daniel Craig. It’s easy to see why; this stylish model is one of the best OMEGA Seamaster models, as it is the epitome of sophistication, technology and precision. Perfectly blending elegant design with high-performance features, the watch is driven by a powerful automatic, self-winding, co-axial movement, which is also C.O.S.C.-certified.

This watch is stylish and can be worn all day, and it certainly won’t let you down when it comes to accuracy and reliability.

The OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300 Chronometer 42mm watch is available for purchase at Banks Lyon for £4,450 or from £66.75 at 0% finance.


2. OMEGA Planet Ocean 600m “Big Blue” GMT Watch

A statement piece that draws the eye no matter where you go; perfect for anyone who wants a sporty – and powerful – companion for their day-to-day life.

Part of the Seamaster family, the OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean watches are innovative and technical and stand out for their excellent performance in the water. Famous for its appearances in several 007 films, such as 2006’s Casino Royale, the line is hugely popular due to features like helium escape valves, Super-LumiNovaTM for improved visibility and high-tech materials.

The line was also chosen by the British Royal Navy and by Jacques Yves Cousteau, and is popular with public figures like Michael Phelps and George Clooney.

The Planet Ocean 600m “Big Blue” GMT model is fashioned from a single block of blue ceramic and comes with an orange GMT track. The hands and indexes and made from 18K white gold and coated in white Super-LumiNovaTM, which improves visibility underwater. A combination of orange rubber and ceramic covers the first 15 minutes.

The patented Naiad Lock ensures the engraved wording in the caseback remains in position. The watch is water-resistant up to 600 metres and can easily withstand magnetic forces of up to 15,000 gauss.

The sturdy and reliable OMEGA Planet Ocean 600m “Big Blue” GMT watch can be yours for £9,640 or from £144.60 per month at 0% finance.


3. OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Steel 41mm Watch

Innovative and eye-catching, this model is the epitome of luxury and ideal for the modern gentleman who seeks a stylish watch for any black tie event.

Also part of the Seamaster collection, the OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra watches speak of OMEGA’s rich maritime heritage and are state-of-the-art pieces that remain timeless to this day.

This Aqua Terra watch has the line’s iconic – and beautiful – Teak Concept dial and possesses an aura of luxury and style. The movement is also a co-axial escapement that functions with virtually no lubrication, allowing for longer service intervals and improved precision. In this tribute to the brand’s maritime legacy, you can also find a date window at the 6 o’clock position and rhodium-plated hands and indexes filled with Super-LumiNovaTM.

Practical and fashionable, the watch is just as at home on the deck of a luxury sailboat as it is on an evening out with friends.

You can buy this stunning OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Steel 41mm watch for £4,910 or from £73.65 per month at 0% finance.


4. OMEGA Constellation Manhattan Quartz 25mm Watch

A beautiful statement piece for the contemporary lady who wishes to have a watch she can wear every day – and with any outfit.

The Constellation collection dates back to 1952 and offers easy-to-read dials, sophisticated minimalist markers and a classic aesthetic that will never go out of fashion. The Manhattan Quartz model is great for everyday wear, since it’s comfortable and fashionable, but will also draw attention for all the right reasons at a dinner party.

Dramatic and elegant, the watch is famous for its half-moon ‘claws’ on the case as well as its mono-rang bracelet. Its bracelet and case are made from 18K SednaTM gold and stainless steel. The diamond-pavéd bezel and blue aventurine glass dial offers a beautifully elegant contrast and a reminder of stars in the sky, which evokes the collection’s name.

This chic OMEGA Constellation Manhattan Quartz 25mm watch can be bought for £7,780 or from £116.70 per month at 0% finance.


5. OMEGA Globemaster Co-Axial 39mm Watch

This sophisticated dress watch is a great choice for casual wear and to pass down to future generations due to its classic, yet modern, appeal.

OMEGA Globemaster watches belong to the Constellation line and have set new quality standards in the horology world. Featuring revolutionary anti-magnetic technology, the watches are robust, stylish and precise, including this co-axial 39mm model.

The stainless-steel case comes with a hard metal scratchproof fluted bezel, which gives a lot of personality to the model. The movement is a self-winding automatic co-axial escapement, which means this is a reliable, precise and durable timepiece you will love to wear no matter the occasion. The caseback has a stainless-steel Central Observatory medallion and the sun-brushed blue ‘Pie Pan’ dial is reminiscent of the first Constellation model.

At Banks Lyon, you can find this OMEGA Globemaster Co-Axial 39mm watch for £5,840 or from £87.60 per month at 0% finance.


6. OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Chronograph Hesalite Crystal Moon Watch

A representation of OMEGA’s pioneering spirit, this watch is perfect for anyone who is seeking a sturdy companion for their adventures but who still need an everyday piece as well.

The Speedmaster collection was launched in 1957 and is known for its Speedmaster Moonwatch, the first piece worn on the moon; this watch is also used by NASA’s astronauts on their Extra Vehicular Activities and the model of choice during spacewalks. Precise, stylish and sophisticated, every watch in the collection is suitable for any occasion, be it a sports event or a day at the office.

The Speedmaster Professional Chronograph Hesalite Crystal Moon Watch is no exception. One of OMEGA’s most iconic watches, the model comes with a black dial covered by hesalite crystal, a type of acrylic that provides twice the protection against damage. This highly durable material is also used in submarine windows.

This piece has a small seconds subdial and its black bezel and tachymeter scale are on a 42mm stainless-steel case. The Calibre 1861 is a powerful manual-winding movement that was worn on the moon, so you can be sure of its precision and technical brilliance.

The OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Chronograph Hesalite Crystal Moon watch is available for £4,260 at Banks Lyon, or from £63.90 per month at 0% finance.


7. OMEGA De Ville Prestige Quartz 37.4mm Watch

An elegant watch for everyday wear that the modern woman will love to add to her wardrobe. This model offers timeless design and a retro aesthetic that will always be fashionable.

Each watch in the OMEGA De Ville collection is accurate and durable. Add to this a very stylish aesthetic, and it’s not surprising that this range is one of OMEGA’s most popular and cherished collections.

This De Ville Prestige Quartz model is pure style and its luxury finishes elevate an already beautiful watch to new heights. The ivory silvery dial comes with a silk-like pattern and an opaline finish, and the facetted hands are gold-plated. The hour markers include six gold-plated diamond holders and gold-plated Roman numerals.

This sophisticated OMEGA De Ville Prestige Quartz 27.4mm watch is available for purchase for £4,590 or from £68.85 per month at 0% finance.


8. OMEGA De Ville Ladymatic Watch

A dazzling dress watch that will turn heads no matter where you are, be it the red carpet, an evening party or a wedding.

The OMEGA Ladymatic watches are part of the OMEGA De Ville collection and were one of the brand’s first self-winding watches for women. The line launched in 1955 and defined timeless elegance. In fact, it continues to define it to this day. Ladymatic pieces are not just stylish but also technical.

The OMEGA De Ville Ladymatic is a COSC-certified model that comes with a self-winding automatic co-axial escapement movement. Reliable and precise, as well as captivating, the watch represents and defines feminine grace.

The model also features a diamond-set mother-of-pearl dial and a stainless-steel case enhanced by the diamond-set bezel. A glittering piece that will look right at home in any formal event.

The OMEGA De Ville Ladymatic watch can be purchased for £13,530 or from £202.95 per month at 0% finance.


9. OMEGA Railmaster Master Chronometer Strap Watch

For watch enthusiasts who are passionate about the brand’s heritage and who want a business casual model they can take with them everywhere.

One of OMEGA’s Specialities’ watches, the Railmaster Master Chronometer offers a subtle design that will, nevertheless, draw the eye when you’re going about your day, be it in the boardroom or out on an errand. This sophisticated heritage model has been popular since its release at Baselworld and is suitable for the gent with a classic style.

The watch’s case is made from stainless steel, which ensures its durability and sturdiness, and the simple numerals – combined with the black dial as the background – make this a truly fashionable piece with a retro aesthetic. The fabric strap makes this a very comfortable watch to wear, as well as suitable for the gentleman with a more classic taste.

The stunning OMEGA Railmaster Master Chronometer Strap watch can be bought for £4,170 or from £62.55 per month at 0% finance.


At Banks Lyon, we are proud to offer the best omega watch to buy for all preferences and styles, from sporty pieces to dress watches to be worn every day. If you’re unsure which OMEGA model is the right one for you, our personal shopping service can help you to select the one that will suit you and your tastes the best.

In addition, our Lancaster store manager, Myles Harrison, is an OMEGA Grand Ambassador, so he knows everything there is to know about the Swiss brand and its fantastic collections.

Get in touch today to learn more about the best OMEGA watches and the many other luxury watches we stock at Banks Lyon or contact us on WhatsApp on 07849 433 919.