Fope Jewellery: a Dedication to Detail

Fope News & Releases

The luxury jewellery brand known as Fope was first founded in 1929 by Umberto Cazzola. Beginning life in a small jewellery workshop that was secreted in a quiet corner of Vicenza, Fope jewellery has always been intrinsically linked with the underlying principles of elegance, skilled artisanship and an ongoing spirit of innovation. Fope is now enjoying its fourth generation as a fully fledged business, and this family owned jewellery creator has chosen to uphold its heritage by remaining true to its roots in Vicenza. With more than 80 years of experience when it comes to producing breathtaking jewellery items, Fope has rigorously adhered to the celebrated traditions of Italy when approaching all of their work, and they strive to convey their own instantly recognizable footprint within each design.

Fope jewellery is handcrafted using the time honoured techniques than have been honed during the family’s 8 decade tenure, and the brand name has not merely confined its attention to the world of jewellery. Fope has established a genuinely worldwide influence by frequenting the sphere of art wherever possible, and their passion for new products and projects has far transcended their humble origins within Vicenza. Some of Fope’s most famous creations include the renowned Novecento mesh, unique ‘Flex’It’ bracelets and the pioneering new ‘Twin’ concept in bangle jewellery. All of these designs are fully deliberated and implemented in house at the brand name’s Vicenza headquarters,  suggesting that Fope’s substantial creative mindset is still not running short of ideas.

With Christmas approaching, gifts such as Fope necklaces or Fope rings are ideal for many people’s wish lists. Furthermore, the sheer variety of Fope jewellery means that there is guaranteed to be a jewel to suit everyone’s tastes; whether that preference is for substantial jewellery pieces with natural stones, luxuriant creations adorned with diamonds, or a lighter hearted and more playful item. Fope takes a pride in redefining the rules of style with each new collection that they launch, and so these beautiful jewellery products will always be consummately desirable adornments. The brand name has been actively promoting many of their collections under the slogan of ‘Magic Happens at Christmas’, and their jewellery items are undoubtedly capable of living up to this appropriately festive atmosphere.

At Banks Lyon, our own Christmas preparations are in full swing, and as a part of these considerations we have made sure to keep a full assortment of gorgeous Fope jewellery in stock. As a registered stockist for this market leader in the world of jewellery, we are able to bring a full array of bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings to you and, with the addition of our new finance calculator, these items can be purchased with an unparalleled degree of flexibility regarding finance and deposit amount. This increased customisation has been especially implemented in time for the Christmas season, allowing you to treat your loved one to a sumptuous piece of jewellery that is fit for any occasion. To find out more about our collection of Fope jewellery, or to enquire further about our Christmas preparations, please call our team on 01524 38 48 58 and we will be happy to help.