Georg Jensen: A Legacy of Longevity

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When the Danish silversmith Georg Jensen died in 1935, he was acclaimed by some as the greatest silversmith to grace the last three centuries. This perceptive statement is substantiated by Jensen’s lasting legacy of excellence, and even today some Georg Jensen jewellery creations possess waiting lists in excess of two years. The enduring popularity of the Georg Jensen brand is due to the unparalleled standards of excellence that are an intrinsic part of each and every Jensen piece, and the brand has also proved eminently capable of moving with continually evolving contemporary expectations.

Georg Jensen’s company has made its name through the continual refinement of its founder’s expertise with silver. The brand has become renowned for the iconic satin effect upon many of its prestige items; a sheen which is achieved by an annealing process that also involves full immersion of a creation within sulphuric acid. Once the item has then been professionally buffed, it will then exhibit the characteristic finish in question. Georg Jensen himself was surprisingly apprenticed as a goldsmith before moving onto the silverwork which cemented his fame, although he also spent time in the fields of sculpture and art nouveau, and this breath of proficiency has been inextricably linked to his enduring success.

Since Jensen himself, the Georg Jensen brand has employed myriad celebrated designers from all artistic walks of life, and this eclectic convergence of talent has enabled the fashioning of some truly magnificent pieces of work. Within the extensive portfolio of jewellery and other forms pioneered by Georg Jensen, there are many visible influences including art nouveau, neo-classicism, Danish rococo and also more modern trends. Yet, despite this amalgamation of themes, the brand has always managed to stamp its own unique signature upon each example of its handiwork, and these instantly recognisable items have already withstood the test of time.

Due to the relatively humble beginnings experienced by Georg Jensen, his initial 1904 work was largely confined to jewellery, although the widespread critical acclaim that greeted his designs soon allowed his field of operations to broaden considerably.  Despite this later success, it was jewellery that formed the foundation of the burgeoning Georg Jensen brand, right the way from its inception in Copenhagen to the far flung shores of the United States. As a registered stockist for Georg Jensen jewellery, at Banks Lyon we are proud to supply a vast range of his creations; including a large collection of Georg Jensen watches.

Georg Jensen watches stand firm against any assertion that a watch is a purely functional instrument, as they have always conformed to the most elegant of natural forms, and are just as focused towards representing an inspiring visual statement as they are towards serving as a high-end horological device. With a variety of timeless designs available in both Georg Jensen watches and jewellery, there is truly an item that is suitable for anyone. With Christmas just around the corner, this is an important consideration to take into account, so be sure to contact our friendly and professional team if you have any questions about our unmatched range of Georg Jensen gifts.