Georg Jensen Living Homeware Collection at Banks Lyon


We have previously showcased the beauty and innovative spirit of Georg Jensen’s jewellery with its stunningly modern fusion rings. While this Danish design house is very well-known for its fine jewellery, it also offers stunning homeware ranges.

The Georg Jensen Living collection is one of them, brimming with timeless and elegant pieces, each one crafted to perfection. ‘Living’ features collaborations from talented designers and adds an edge of bold, contemporary design to any home.

Georg Jensen Homeware

Georg Jensen, a Danish silversmith, was one of the first people to utilise steel as a material for cutlery and identify modern silverware as a profitable market. The company he founded in 1904, Georg Jensen A/S continues to focus heavily on silver smithery and believes in unique, modern and practical designs.

The Art Nouveau influences are distinct in the brand’s homeware collections. Their architectural appeal is also undeniable, with curves, asymmetric shapes and silhouettes that add a minimalist touch to each piece.

Georg Jensen Living Collection

The Living collection celebrates the simplicity of Scandinavian design with a timelessness appeal that adds a touch of sleek sophistication to any space or home. Perfect for the discerning buyer, Georg Jensen’s Living homeware boldly represents the brand’s values and vision.

You will find superb lifestyle products that include sculptural vases, corkscrews, silver frames and wine stoppers, as well as candelabras, champagne coolers, salt and pepper mills and candlesticks. The variety and affordability present in this collection is another testament to Georg Jensen’s commitment to creating pieces that add practicality and purpose within the home.

The concept of hygge is very important to the Danish lifestyle, and that is also reflected in this collection. This concept is more of a feeling and can be used to refer to cosiness, comfort and simplicity. Creating cosy and pleasant atmospheres that promote well-being is at the centre of hygge.

Georg Jensen’s Living collection seeks to create this feeling with each of their stunning homeware pieces. It also offers striking pieces at incredible prices, starting at just £17.

This is exemplified in their stunning products, such as:

Elephant Candleholder

The Georg Jensen Elephant Candleholder is available for just £17. The Elephant design originated in 1987 and was first introduced by industrial architect Jørgen Møller who was inspired by his grandchildren’s favourite creature.

This beautiful candleholder is fantastic to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions, and will, certainly, delight both children and adults.

Modern Small Picture Frame

For the perfect decorative item in your home, look no further than this Modern Small Picture Frame. Strikingly innovative and versatile, this sleek and contemporary frame can be displayed both horizontally and vertically, due to its in-built stand, be it on a table or a wall.

Available at Banks Lyon for just £55.

Wine Stopper and Wine Pourer

Found at Banks Lyon for only £70, this wine stopper and pourer are perfect for wine lovers. The OxiPourTM function elevates the wine experience to new heights by ensuring the correction aeration of the libation and by keeping the fine nuances of aroma and flavour. Unmissable items in any connoisseur’s collection.

Alfredo Salt and Pepper Mills

Beautifully crafted in stainless steel, these £130 Alfredo Salt and Pepper Mills contain ‘AllGrind – Ceramic Technology’ in the grinders. Durable and of the highest-quality, as well as aesthetically pleasing, you can expect these superb mills to endure the test of time and decorate your table at the same time. The size of the grounds can easily be adjustable by turning the grey screw in the bottom of the mill.

Cobra Candleholder

The Cobra line has been a huge success for Georg Jensen since its creation in 2008, and these candleholders are no exception. Inspired by the sinuous curves of the snake and designed by Constantin Wortmann, these captivating pieces truly elevate the traditional candleholder to new heights.

Boasting mirror polished stainless steel, which further adds to the mystique of each curve, these pieces are not only superb but impossible to look away from as well – just like a snake.

Available for £150 at Banks Lyon.

Black Cobra Lamp

The irresistible and captivating undulation of this stunning Georg Jensen Cobra Lamp is the perfect choice to brighten your home with style and sophistication. Contemporary but with a timeless and understated appeal at the same time, this lamp is truly a gorgeous piece available for just £395 at Banks Lyon.

The modern lampshade only adds to the graceful design of the stem, creating a masterpiece that is both delicate and sensual.

The Georg Jensen Living collection is not just luxurious, sophisticated and functional, but also resembles beautiful works of art. The range showcases organic lines and modern shapes that come together to form a fluid collection of home accessories that stand out no matter where they’re placed.

The classic undulating lines of this collection further add to its feeling of timelessness, as well as its contemporary edge, and ensure that each piece is the centre of attention, no matter if it’s placed on the table or on the mantlepiece.


Georg Jensen’s Living collection embodies everything the brand believes in, especially a focus on clean and modern aesthetics that are, at the same time, highly functional.