How to Pick the Perfect Dress Watch

Buyer Advice and Information

Looking for a dress watch? Whether this is for you or as a gift to a special person in your life, we stock many luxury watches from top brands, such as Cartier, Longines and IWC.

Dress watches are a staple for everyone wanting to build a timepiece collection, so we put together a few things to consider so you can pick the perfect dress watch for any occasion, from an evening party or a wedding to a business event. Take a look.

Consider Personal Preferences

The first thing to consider is, of course, your taste in watches – or, if you’re buying for your partner, family member or friend, their preferences. Not just in terms of the watch itself, but also favourite colours, lifestyle, wardrobe choices, and so on. This can help you narrow down your selection and help you to pick a watch to wear to events and parties.

If you dress in business casual or more formal clothes every day, be it because of your job or because it’s what you prefer, then you can even wear your dress watch as an everyday piece, even if the piece isn’t intended for that.

Purchase from a Reputable Brand

It goes without saying that, when buying a watch, it’s important to choose a good, reputable brand. We only stock the best timepieces at Banks Lyon, so you can trust you’re getting quality at all times.

Look at pieces that are reliable, precise and dependable, especially if you want something made to last a lifetime and more. Big names like OMEGA are a great investment because they’re made with attention to detail, accuracy and durability in mind – and, of course, they’re also stylish and timeless.

An example is the OMEGA De Ville Prestige Co-Axial 39.5mm watch, which can be purchased at our stores for £3,060 or from £45.90 per month at 0% finance.

Opt for a Minimalist Design

It helps to keep in mind what a dress watch is and what it represents. These types of watches are simple and elegant, so their design should be minimalistic and with minimal complications. This means even sub-dials should be carefully considered – more often than not, dress watches don’t have them but, if you fall in love with a particular piece with a sub-dial, such as the IWC Portugiser Automatic 40 watch, you can still be confident that you can take it everywhere you go.

This piece is available for £6,450 or from £96.75 per month at 0% finance. It has a clean, organised dial and a classic design that will look good no matter where you go.

In essence, dress watches are fuss-free and can be paired with just about any piece of clothing, such as a formal blazer or a black-tie suit.

Think About the Case

The dial and case of your dress watch have to be the right size. A case that’s too big won’t fit on your wrist and won’t look as good, while a watch that’s too small for you may not make an impact on your appearance.

Also, choose a round, elegant case instead of a less traditional shape since dress watches tend to be more classic in their appearance. Also, the case needs to be thin enough to fit under your shirt, even if you’re wearing cuffs, so take that into account as well.

If you’re unsure which type of case or watch to buy, we offer a personal shopper service designed to help you make a perfect choice. The Banks Lyon team has many years of experience in the horology and jewellery worlds and can work with your preferences and lifestyle to select a timepiece you will treasure forever.

Don’t Forget the Colours and Materials

As we mentioned, dress watches tend to be more classic in appearance, which means choosing pieces made from conventional materials. This means staying away from rubber and even ceramic and opting for gold and stainless steel, for example.

The same goes for colours. You don’t want to pick bright watches that might clash with your outfit (such as yellow or red), so silver, white, black and gold are your best friends when it comes to dress watches.

This Longines watch showcases that. The Longines Flagship 26mm Automatic watch, available for £1,130 or from £16.95 per month at 0% finance, is elegant, sophisticated, and perfect for any occasion. Perfect for anyone who loves a classic, timeless style.

Where Will You Wear the Watch?

Another important consideration to make. Will you be wearing the watch to a black-tie gala, an office event, a business meeting or an anniversary party? You may find it easier to choose a piece once you know where you’re planning on taking it, though a good rule of thumb is to pick a watch that’s elegant and simple.

Of course, there’s no reason not to consider your personality and preferences either. If you’d like your piece to be daring as well, why not opt for something like this Panthère de Cartier Small watch? It can be purchased for £10,200 or from £153 per month at 0% finance, and is a true icon for bold ladies who are fashionable and don’t want to go unnoticed.

While James Bond can get away with a diver’s watch and a tailored suit, it’s best to keep things simple with a dress watch if you plan on wearing something formal. Speak to us if you’d like more information about our dress watches or any other timepiece we stock. We’re always on hand and happy to help you choose the perfect watch for your lifestyle and personality – or for a loved one.