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If you’ve been following our social media channels of late, you’ll know that we’ve been very busy introducing a number of new watch and jewellery brands into our existing portfolio, so it’s definitely time that we started to dedicate some space on our blog to these exiting new products. Given that fact that we’re already an authorised stockist for Cartier watches, you can be sure that we greatly appreciate the unique flair that the French can bring to the field of ocular horology, and so it was perhaps only fitting that we should at some point take on another French watch brand; in this case the work of the renowned fashion designer, Givenchy.

Givenchy Design and Watches

Perhaps best known for being a luxury haute couture brand, Givenchy’s inception actually took place some 50 years ago, and, according to Audrey Hepburn, Hubert De Givenchy himself (see right) was a masterful ‘creator of personality’. That personality is both rebellious and gritty in the main, and such innovative aesthetics transfer well into the field of watchmaking. Givenchy watches are not all about style over substance though, boasting Swiss-made movements and sapphire crystal faces after the fashion of the most prestigious timepieces, yet their bold designs are undoubtedly what really sets them apart.

Givenchy watches are, as you might expect, extremely varied in scope, but features like architectural lines or even geographical elements are fairly ubiquitous within their common themes. Classical timepieces are seamlessly blended with a fresh spirit of inspiration, firmly stamping the Givenchy hallmark upon each and every product, whilst an eclectic mixture of atypical forms is also present as well. Givenchy is not afraid to try something a little out of the ordinary. Octagonal cases, the use of mother-of-pearl upon a gent’s timepiece and protective ‘frames’ all combine to create an inimitable range of watches, and Givenchy’s unique vision is certainly not running stale in recent months.

The Givenchy Seventeen Range

The ‘frames’ that we’ve just mentioned surround the casings of many of Givenchy’s latest assemblage of watches. Named the ‘Givenchy Seventeen’ collection (see below), the family takes its moniker from the lucky prime number of incumbent artistic director Riccardo Tisci, and it’s fair to say that the Seventeen watch collection has taken the fashion world rather by storm. Displaying all of the subtle contrasts that have come to be synonymous with the Givenchy name, the Seventeen range brings  together hard edges and smooth curves, unyielding steel and supple leather, and contemporary class with traditional charm, and the results are undoubtedly very impressive to behold.

Available Now at Banks Lyon

Of course, Givenchy have made somewhat of a name for themselves with their previous watch designs too, and here at Banks Lyon we’re very proud to be able to bring you a wide array of Givenchy Eleven, Seventeen and Five timepieces, as well as all of our customary options for 0% finance; a perfect opportunity to procure a stylish Christmas gift for someone in your family.

Given the wide number of new watch brands that we’ve taken on in the last 6 months, this is obviously a very exciting time for us in store, and we’re confident that in the coming years we’ll continue to bring you all of Givenchy’s most desirable concepts, as well as plenty of information about specific timepieces here on our blog. If you’d rather not wait though, and would like to find out more about any of our Givenchy watches right now, contact our friendly team now by calling 01524 38 48 58 or email and we’ll be happy to find the ideal wristwatch for you.