Introducing the Gucci Dive

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We’ve not spoken about any of Gucci’s Baselworld releases yet, but given the fact that we’ve just acquired a broad array of their brand new Dive watches, we thought it was well worth dwelling upon this collection in today’s feature. Perhaps more renowned as one of the truly great Italian fashion houses, Gucci have nevertheless proved themselves more than up to the task of creating adept and affordable luxury watches, and they continue this pattern with the Dive assemblage, forming a number of watches with water resistances of up to 200 metres; just perfect for an active lifestyle.

We have a grand total of seven Dive watches in stock for you to purchase, so rather than trying to narrow this assortment down to a single favourite, we thought we’d glance at each of them in turn!


Gucci Dive Gents’ XL Bracelet Watch

A blue colouration is never out of place on a diver’s watch, and this timepiece proves that to be the case once again. The blue dial includes luminescence, whilst the brushed stainless steel case is joined by a bracelet that uses a push-button clasp for extra security. Retailing at £650, or on 0% finance for 24 monthly instalments of £24.38 and a 10% deposit, this is an exceptionally classy wristwatch.


Gucci Dive Pink Dial Ladies’ Watch

Moving on to a ladies’ timepiece, this version swaps the 45mm dimensions of the former for a more petite 32mm size, and switches up blue for a feminine shade of pink. None of the signature appeal is lost though, although the style does look more in line with that of a sumptuous fashion accessory. The price is exactly the same as the first timepiece in our selection, so it’s eminently accessible.


Gucci Dive Gents’ Bracelet Watch

Returning to a gent’s Dive watch, this variant sits somewhere between the exaggerated proportions of our first gent’s watch and the reduced ladies’ watches, and it also adopts a sleek and perhaps more classical appearance by combining a black dial with traditional stainless steel. A superbly masculine creation, the price of this Dive watch remains the same, so what are you waiting for?


Gucci Dive White Dial Bracelet Watch

Another gent’s wristwatch, but the polar opposite of our previous choice, as it substitutes a black dial for a white aesthetic. This choice looks a little showier, but the cleanly-defined details are still very attractive in their own right. An excellent wristwatch to wear as a practical – yet eye-catching – statement, this Gucci Dive has the same finance details as our previous four, and is available today.


Gucci Dive White Dial Ladies’ Watch

Clearly, white dials prove to be just as effective for both ladies’ and gents’ watches, as this ladies’ Dive timepiece channels all of the same appeal that’s inherent in our previous model, yet in a miniature form. As with all of these Dive watches, there’s plenty of substance present, as this chic adornment is protected by sapphire crystal and the like. For one final time, the price remains the exact same.


Gucci Dive Black Rubber Strap Watch

Contemporary horological audiences love timepieces that don’t just follow time-honoured patterns or tradition, and this Dive watch is a great example of that. It boasts the modern watch making materials of PVD and black rubber, and becomes even more practical as a light diving watch as a result. Retailing at £695, it’s also obtainable for 24 monthly payments of £26.06 and a 10% deposit.


Gucci Dive Gents Strap Watch

We conclude with another strap watch, although the dimensions of this final timepiece are slightly reduced from our former example, dwindling from 45mm to 40mm, and the second hand is red. The other features remain largely the same, though, meaning that a preference for a more discrete or overt wristwatch can easily be sated. The price of this wristwatch is £695 once again, with the same finance options on offer to suit you.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our overview of our new Gucci Dive collection, but don’t forget that you can visit our Gucci Dive page to see even more examples. Which is your favourite? You can also view the wider range as a whole on our Gucci watches page, and you’ll not find a more eclectic mixture of wristwatch styles from any other manufacturer. If you’d like further information, or need some help navigating the vast Gucci collection, be sure to call us on 01524 38 48 58 and we’ll be happy to help.