MontBlanc: How They Created the World’s Most Iconic Writing Instrument

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Montblanc is a world renowned brand which has put writing instruments in the hands of Presidents, royalty, and none other than Ernest Hemingway who used a Meisterstück to place his prose onto paper. Judging by the calibre of people that have used such a pen, it is evident that Montblanc pens are far more than a way to scribble notes while you’re on the phone. They are a way to exert confidence and compose words that carry meaning, which is so important in a world that has two billion Smartphones.

From Humble Beginnings

Montblanc started life as the humble Simplo Filler Pen Co in 1907 and began by crafting pens called Rouge et Noir. However, three years later they set their sights higher and named themselves after Europe’s highest mountain peak, beginning the upwards climb towards their symbolic status.

Creating an Icon

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One of the defining moments that placed Montblanc as the frontrunner in creating fine pens was in 1963 when President John F Kennedy visited Cologne, West Germany. His host, Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, invited the president to sign the official guest book of the region. However, the Chancellor found himself without a pen to offer President Kennedy. Fortunately, JFK had his fateful model of the Meisterstück with him, saving international humiliation.

As for why President Kennedy invested in the brand of Montblanc, it is no doubt because of the flow that comes with writing from such a sturdy and beautiful instrument.

Why Montblanc Are Still So Prestigious   

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The craftsmanship behind Montblanc fountain pens is second to none, with the brand creating a range of writing instruments that show an unrivalled attention to detail. For instance, the Montblanc Meisterstück 90 years Classique Fountain Pen is emblematic of the brand’s constant quest for perfection. This anniversary edition of the Meisterstück model, first manufactured in 1924, has a commemorative ‘90’ nib design that is encapsulated in red gold plating.

Using a Montblanc instrument allows people to create personalised and well-crafted notes or letters that show how much the writer values the written word. More than creating a text or an e-mail, using a fountain pen takes skill and careful precision to write beautiful passages that portray a meaning that extends far beyond the words that are written.

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