New Range Available Now: Dietrich 1969 Watches

Dietrich 1969 News & Releases

Following on from our inaugural blog for SEVENFRIDAY watches, we are delighted to now take a look at yet another new horological brand that is soon coming into stock at Banks Lyon Jewellers. This brand takes a similar approach to SEVENFRIDAY, in that they have adopted a uniquely design-focused approach and prioritise the accessibility of innovative timepieces. The brand in question is Dietrich 1969, and we’re very excited to now have some of their latest work in our collection.

Emmanuel Dietrich

Emmanuel Dietrich is the renowned designer behind Dietrich 1969 watches, and Dietrich has always made sure to carve his own niche throughout all of his dealings; it should therefore come as no surprise to find that his timepieces follow suit. Born in Besançon in 1969, Dietrich himself is actually an interior architect, but has honed his watchmaking aptitude alongside a variety of titans in the world of watches and jewellery. The Dietrich 1969 range has only been around for a matter of a few short years, but the watches within this selection are imbued with a free spirit of design that has instantly marked them out as something extraordinary.

Organic Time Companion

Unveiled at Baselworld 2014, the latest Dietrich 1969 watches carry the moniker of ‘Organic Time Companion’, and, whilst these wristwatches do not carry a chronometer certificate, there is certainly a lot to admire about them. True to the use of the word ‘organic’, each of these Dietrich 1969 watches uses an intriguing amalgamation of smooth angles, curving edges and diverse textures, but then cleverly juxtapose these forms with select elements of a far more angular and technological nature. Clearly then, Dietrich 1969 watches are designed to seamlessly cater to an array of tastes and preferences.

Dietrich 1969 OTC Timepieces

Of course, these watches have far more to offer than just a fluid and eye-catching visual theme, and their capabilities are just as inspiring as their appearances. Each Dietrich OTC has a 46 mm 316L steel case that has been polished to a fantastic finish using micro-bead blasting, and certain models also use a PVD coating to extremely stylish effect as well. The bezels are similarly considered; whilst anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass arcs over the dial of each watch to give it the maximum possible protection.

This dial is perhaps the most striking part of an OTC watch, as it conforms to a multi-layer aesthetic in four distinct parts. At the apex of the dial is a pair of vibrant hands coated in SuperLuminova, whilst the subsequent descent takes you through a decorative ‘X-shaped’ adornment, the elevated sides of the dial (which are especially brushed), and of course the timekeeping indexes themselves. Even these are unusual though, with hexagonal second counters and six-pronged star devices to entice the gaze.

Rather like SEVENFRIDAY watches, Dietrich 1969 OTC watches use an aperture on the dial itself to reveal the escapement of the movement. This movement is a modified automatic Miyota 82-S-7 mechanism, and it provides each timepiece with a robust level of accuracy, as well as looking superb when viewed through the dial. Interestingly, the strap on each watch slides through behind the case in a single piece, rather than being attached to top and bottom in twin halves, meaning that the wrist is cushioned by padded leather or Nato Nylon, so a Dietrich 1969 OTC watch is outstandingly comfortable to wear as well as being highly precise.

The price of each variant of our Dietrich 1969 watches is £995, but on 0% finance any of these timepieces could be yours for 24 monthly payments of just £37.31 alongside a 10% deposit. Excellent value for money and eminently capable, we’re very pleased to be adding these new wristwatches to our stock during July, and look forward to bringing you more details about each model in the future. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful and professional team by calling 01524 38 48 58 or emailing today.