New Raymond Weil Tourbillion Joins the Nabucco Family

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For any watchmaker, there is a delight in pushing your skills to the absolute zenith, and the creation of a tourbillion is one of the foremost ways to go about that. Such a marvel of ocular horology aims to counter the negative effects of gravity, usually by way of containing components like the balance wheel and the escapement within a small rotating cage. However, modern watchmaking is rarely content to conform to the patterns of yesteryear without question, and so innovative designs like last year’s belt-driven TAG Heuer Monaco are born. As seen in their latest news, Raymond Weil have stolen the spotlight in this area at present, inventing a new tourbillion that looks like no other.

It’s no secret that – alongside finely-crafted wristwatches – music is one of the most venerated disciplines at Raymond Weil, and so it should come as no surprise to find that their newly introduced tourbillion – a member of the Nabucco collection – manages to marry haute horlogerie and musical-inspired aesthetics. In this particular case, it’s a cello that serves as the blueprint, and as you may expect, no other timepiece in history has sought to adopt such a pattern. According to Raymond Weil CEO, Elie Bernheim, this release signifies his personal delight in the cello, as well as the love of music that Raymond Weil himself cultivated throughout his life, and the result is utterly unique.

Just one look at the veritably bustling dial of this watch should demonstrate that fact, although you can also glean a similar impression by looking at the caseback, as both faces of the watch are fashioned from sapphire crystal. However, a more in-depth appraisal should reveal hands that are shaped like the bow of a cello, movement bridges that echo the ‘f-holes’ of the instrument, and a grooved bezel that suggests a musical stave. You’ll doubtless also be struck by the strings that extend across the width of the dial. An instrument of timekeeping this Nabucco may be, but it does its utmost to look like a miniature musical instrument too, and possesses singular appeal as a result.

Of course, as a tourbillion timepiece, this Nabucco has far more than just aesthetic attraction to its name. The rotating cage is formed from the exact same steel and titanium that makes up the bulk of the case, and it has been refined to make precision adjustments to timekeeping not just a possibility, but a reality. Dubbed the ‘ultimate compensatory element’, the tourbillion may be renowned as a rather ostentatious complication, yet its utility cannot be overlooked. To finish this fine creation, there’s also a crocodile leather strap, a modicum of carbon fibre, and an innovative crown that’s blended with the emblem on the case, so every facet of this watch has been optimised for elegance.

We think it’s fair to say that Raymond Weil have produced something a little bit special with this particular timepiece, and we’ll bring you more details about this fascinating wristwatch as and when we’re able to. In the meantime, we’d highly recommend having a look through our existing Raymond Weil Nabucco page, as, although this tourbillion is a major new addition to the collection, it’s far from the only creation of note that can be found there. A universally striking assemblage, the Nabucco family has received international acclaim, and if you have an interest in one of these superb timepieces, or indeed in any of our other Raymond Weil watches, call us on 01524 38 48 58 today.