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TAG Heuer specialise in high-tech watches that excel in precision and performance. The TAG Heuer Connected watches are part of the first connected collection that is both Swiss-made and completely digital.

This triumph of watchmaking combines connected capabilities with the brand’s avant-garde approach, further ensuring the collection is one-of-a-kind. Additionally, with more and more people focusing on ensuring they are getting adequate exercise each day, wearing a connected timepiece will make this easier and – for those who enjoy a bit of competition – more accurate.

TAG Heuer Connected Watches

The sporty elegance of the TAG Heuer Connected range is perfect for both men and women. Each watch in the collection is powered by Android Wear 2.0 and comes with a variety of features, including GPS, an AMOLED screen with a multipoint touch display, a heart rate sensor, an Ambient Light Sensor, and more.

The cutting-edge technology of the watches, together with their design and the carefully selected materials, allow them to be highly precise, lightweight, comfortable to wear and resistant to damage. This means the watches are faithful companions for your sporting adventures, whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or playing a game of football.

In addition, the Connected pieces are also versatile; you can choose the material, size, colour and strap and create a watch that is unique to you and your personal taste. What’s more, the innovative spirit of the Connected line means the wearer can customise the dial, ensuring you get a model tailored to your preferences.

A great smartwatch is not an easy feat to accomplish, but TAG Heuer know exactly what they’re doing. They have manufactured a line of watches that have an identity – this means that, far from relying on only the watches’ tech or aesthetic, the Swiss brand ensured the collection had a purpose as well. The emphasis on fitness is not just in keeping with a modern audience, it’s also a unique selling point that allow TAG Heuer to, once again, stand out.

Heritage and prestige are important to TAG Heuer, including when creating the latest generation of digital watch. So, while the collection is, without a doubt, contemporary, with its optimised designs and high-tech focus, it is also instantly recognisable as pure TAG Heuer.

Fitness and TAG Heuer Connected

Why is the TAG Heuer Connected watch such a fantastic choice for those looking to enhance their fitness?

The models in the collection not only offer GPS connectivity, but also come equipped with an array of features that have been designed to measure performance. For instance, the watches have several sensors, including heart rate and gyroscopic ones; they also have a compass and an accelerometer. All of these allow for improved fitness and sports tracking.

These features have taken an already great watch into the next level.

In addition, the watches have an ambient mode that is always turned on, ensuring you can check the time while preserving battery.

The increase in battery capacity when compared to previous models showcases the importance the brand gives to endurance and reliability. Capable of seeing you through the day without a problem, the connected models track your steps and accurately measure your workouts, providing a fitness experience unlike any other.

The crisp 1.39-inch OLED touchscreen display offers great detail and readability, ideal for all of your day-to-day activities, be it to quickly read an important notification or to check, at a glance, how many steps you’ve walked.

The TAG Heuer Connected is a contemporary watch designed for the modern gent or lady who leads a busy and active life. The modular design of the collection ensures you can create the perfect watch for any given moment, as the case can be paired with several different straps.

Sophisticated, sporty or casual; the interchangeability of the TAG Heuer Connected watch means you can choose any style to fit the occasion. So, whether you’re seeking to keep it chic to attend a party or want a sporty piece you can take to the great outdoors, or both, this modular characteristic allows you to do just that and more. This means that form and practicality are equally balanced with style and luxury, allowing you to easily wear the TAG Heuer Connected watch during a session at the gym or during a boardroom meeting.

But, when it comes to the watch itself, with its high-tech features and striking precision, TAG Heuer have truly put fitness first in the Connected models.

TAG Heuer Connected Steel Watch with Black Rubber Strap

Taking a closer look at a model in the TAG Heuer Connected line, the TAG Heuer Connected Steel Watch with Black Rubber Strap, you can see that it’s been designed with beautiful clean lines and a style that will feel right at home no matter where you wear it.

This watch, which is available for purchase for £1,495 or from £35.56 at 0% finance, has a PVD ceramic bezel, a sturdy stainless-steel case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. These specifications make it durable and reliable even in harsh terrains or condition, allowing you to push your personal limits.

With intelligent integrated function, configurable dials and an integral touchscreen, the timepiece is compatible with Android and iOS, including iPhone. You’ll find it easy to customise the dials of your Connected watch and can even obtain new, exclusive dials from TAG Heuer – combine this with the possibility to swap bracelets and it will be like wearing a different watch every time.

You can also synchronise the piece with Apple Health and Strava and your sessions will be saved by your TAG Heuer Connected on the app.

Once the battery runs out, you won’t have to wait a long time to wear the watch again either; it can charge to 80% in only an hour and a half, so you’ll soon be tracking your physical activity.

TAG Heuer are known to push boundaries and manufacture innovative watches for a wide-ranging demographic. They don’t just keep up with the times, they forge ahead of them to produce pieces that delight watch enthusiasts everywhere.

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