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Tag Heuer has established its name by carving its own path and doing the unexpected. After all, everyone can experience a modicum of success by swimming with the tide, whereas it’s far riskier to go against the grain, even though it can ultimately be more profitable. In the world of Swiss luxury watches, there are many partnerships between horological brands and sporting personalities or events. However, you don’t hear anything about surfing. Leave it to TAG Heuer to change all of that!

On the first of May, TAG Heuer announced its intentions to serve as the official timekeeper for the World Surf League’s Big Wave Tour. If you’re unfamiliar with surfing, then it should suffice to say that this annual event requires you to do much the same as you’d expect; in short, only waves of greater than 30 feet qualify! Needless to say, conquering such waves using only a surf board requires both great bravery and athleticism, and such qualities were always going to appeal to TAG Heuer.

TAG Heuer’s recent mantra of #DontCrackUnderPressure seems to be especially apt here, as we can’t think of too many more pressurised situations than staying atop the crown of a 50 foot wave. Obviously very taken with their latest alliance, TAG Heuer have committed to a multi-year deal, and are already ‘looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership’. As the first watch manufacturer to keep time at surfing events, TAG Heuer is understandably excited about setting yet another trend, and is also looking forward to what this step might achieve in terms of reaching young people.

Likewise, the World Surf League is equally elated about the arrangement. Having acquired the Big Wave Tour relatively recently, one of the long-standing intentions of the organisation was always to secure the attention of ‘world class entities’, and they can certainly claim to have done that now. Of course, the major benefit of this partnership is obvious as far as the Banks Lyon team are concerned; can we expect to see any forthcoming ‘surfer’ watches from TAG Heuer? We’re definitely hopeful!

Already you can peruse an assemblage such as the range seen on our TAG Heuer Aquaracer page and see several examples of watch design that bears diving firmly in mind. The Aquaracer family exhibits a selection of features that should appeal to divers, and certain Aquaracer models are water resistant to a very commendable 500 metres. With that in mind, this sporty collection seems like a natural fit for a new TAG Heuer surf watch, unless a new range is in the pipeline? We can dream…

Clearly, we have no idea at present as to whether TAG Heuer’s partnership with the Big Wave Tour will yield anything fresh in terms of wristwatches, but while you dwell upon the possibilities, why not browse through our existing assortment of TAG Heuer watches? You’ll find lots of variety to set your imagination alight, and very probably a few timepieces that catch your eye as well. Want to know more or ask any questions? Then contact us today by calling 01524 38 48 58. We’ll be happy to help.