The Brand-New Breitling Professional Endurance Pro

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Breitling are constantly innovating and pioneering technologies that lead to efficient and reliable watches. They’ve always developed “instruments for professionals”, which is clear in the Breitling Professional watches, including the new Breitling Professional Endurance Pro.

The watch is equipped with features that make it a favourite among athletes and enthusiasts alike. It’s a lightweight piece for athletes and an everyday sports chronograph at the same time, meaning it’s the ultimate luxury sports watch for anyone seeking precision, innovative tech and sophisticated design.

A Sporty Addition

Breitling and sports go hand-in-hand, and the Breitling Professional Endurance Pro pays the perfect homage to the brand’s sports legacy. The lightweight, yet sturdy, case houses the impressive SuperQuartzTM movement, a powerful and iconic technology that can meet any sports’ needs.

The watch is both sporty and contemporary, and inspired by the Breitling Sprint, a model from the 1970s that combined a pulsometer with lightweight materials. The watch was a top choice for athletes who wanted to monitor their heart rates and, because it was made from resin, it was comfortable to wear.

The Professional Endurance Pro is a modern iteration of that piece, with world-class technology and sophisticated aesthetics to complement the superb performance and precision.

Aspirational and accessible, Breitling watches are the perfect companion for any adventurer, and the Professional Endurance Pro is no exception with its Breitlight® material, stunning array of bold colours (red, blue, white, orange and yellow) and competitive price of £2,450 (or from 40.83 per month on 0% finance).

Breitlight® is a robust material that is 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 lighter than stainless steel. It’s nonmagnetic, thermally stable and hypoallergenic as well, making it ideal for a vast number of people. The material was thoughtfully chosen for the Professional Endurance Pro watch because it’s also resistant to scratches, traction and corrosion.

The Strava Challenge

The brand introduced their new luxury sports watch with a one-of-a-kind challenge that encouraged people to stay active.

This challenge, which was done over Strava – a sports app for runners and cyclists – saw participants completing 500 minutes of activity in two weeks. For those who were able to complete the challenge, a few prizes awaited, such as a new Breitling Endurance Pro watch or a Breitling Colnago C64 bike.

Any activities were accepted for the Strava challenge, be it running, cycling, swimming or hiking – the important thing is that people did 500 minutes of exercise in the allocated timeline.

Breitling Professional Endurance Pro Specifications

The watch appeals to both professional athletes, casuals and simply brand enthusiasts. There is something for everyone with the Breitling Professional Endurance Pro, which is not surprising considering the stunning range of features it offers.

Besides its different colours – which allow people to get a watch that matches their personal tastes and complements their everyday wardrobe – the piece has an ultra-lightweight 44m case that is suitable for all sports and for everyday wear.

It also comes with a thermo-compensated SuperQuartzTM movement that is ten times more accurate than the conventional quartz-operated watches. The bracelet is a Breitling Diver Pro rubber strap with a Breitlight® double-pin buckle, which is comfortable on the wrist and perfect for a sporty lifestyle as well.

The watch can withstand even the most rigorous workouts while remaining fashionable and stylish. So, comfort, precision and performance are easy to find in this watch.

Each model comes with a black dial and a black bidirectional rotating bezel with engraved cardinal compass points. The watch has an inner bezel which is marked with a pulsometer scale that easily allows the wearer to keep track of their heart rate during sessions. The inner bezel ring offers great grip and manoeuvrability.

Those who purchase the watch also have the opportunity to wear the Outerknown ECONYL® yarn NATO strap, a colourful bracelet that perfectly complements the attractive design of the watch. Each model also has a moulded crown in the same colour of the strap.

In regard to movement, the watch comes with a COSC-certified Breitling Caliber 82 for excellent precision. The hour and minute hands are coated with SuperLumi-NovaTM, for improved readability and visibility – this makes the watch a great choice for environments where visibility is a concern.

The chronograph second hand has a red pointer, making it easy to see the elapsed time. There is a small-second subdial, and a 1/10th second and 30-minute chronograph counters as well.

A great athleisure watch, the Professional Endurance Pro is designed for both athletes and casual sports enthusiasts. If you’d like to learn more about this watch, get in touch with us today or visit us in Lancaster or Kendal. We’re also available on WhatsApp (07395 875 175) if you’d like to enquire about this model or any other of our luxury watches.