The Diversity of Givenchy Five

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At Banks Lyon we love admiring the variety of offerings that can be born from a brand’s range, following the subtle nuances that differ between releases as well as the difference in tact towards certain design features, in particular the avenues of attention the designers focus on between different collections. They say variety is the spice of life – this is ever-true with today’s collection, Givenchy Five.

As a brand, Givenchy offer high fashion for both discerning males and females. Their dedication to quality and providing only the most exquisite article is reflected through each of their timepieces, with a contemporary air emanating from each. They have adapted, developed, harnessed and embraced their couture heritage, creating diverse offerings across each of their collections.

It is however the Givenchy Five range with which we shall use to pay homage to the Givenchy diversity. While offering the intricacies of the Quartz mechanism, protected by the Sapphire Crystal across the board, the Givenchy Five range is one of the more aesthetically diverse collections of chronographs which we have had the pleasure of being able to offer, here at Banks Lyon.

Givenchy Five Chronograph 45mm GY100131S04


The gentlemen’s Givenchy Five Chronograph 45mm GY100131S04 offers functionality with its classic appearance. It’s vintage structure and lines contrast its overall contemporary appearance, while the champagne dial colour provides a stunning yet subtle shade to complement the silver sub dials of the rounded octagonal face. With its strong structure and its smooth black calf skin strap, the masculinity of the piece is juxtaposed by the overall soft shade selection of the chronograph’s visage.

For a mere £830.00 – or from £18.44 on 0% finance – you could be the proud sporter of this stylish timepiece, as it provides you with a different take on formality, offering a platform from which your own unique personality and fashion individuality can shine.

Givenchy Five 32mm GY100172S08


The Givenchy Five 32mm GY100172S08 is a delicate feminine timepiece which still manages to offer a boldness through its strong stainless steel casing, octagonal bezel and bracelet. The angular manner of the stainless steel provides a beautiful silver framing to the enchanting Mother of Pearl facing which serves to juxtapose both the numeral batons and watch hands, enabling for greater ease of reading. A scaled down version of the 45mm male equivalent, this dedication to femininity will only cost you a mere £760.00, or £16.89 on 0% finance, offering you a fashion partner for any number of occasions – formal to casual.

Givenchy Five 32mm GY100172S01


With its unmistakably classic aesthetics, the Givenchy Five 32mm GY100172S01 somehow still manages to encapsulate the modern era of watchmaking. The chronograph’s almost rugged chocolate brown calf skin strap undergoes a subtle transition into the rose gold PVD plated octagonal bezel and case, with the ivory star patterned dial being the next logical step in terms of shade. For only £660.00 – or from £14.67 on 0% finance – the wearer is offered the opportunity for their individual personality to beam; for whilst it will turn heads and draw attention, it serves to subtly complement the proud wearer’s own unique brand of fashion, allowing their own style to steal the show.

The diversity that a great watch brand and collection can offer cannot be understated. They can serve to provide a partner for your fashion whatever the occasion, whichever the season; it can sometimes be difficult to select a style partner to match your outfit, particularly with the weather attempting to rain on your fashion-parade, but it certainly seems Givenchy watches have it covered. Whether it is their Five, Eleven or Seventeen range, Givenchy have the chronograph for you, so pop in store and allow us to find your perfect timepiece. Alternatively, you can contact us on 01524 38 48 58 and speak to one of our passionate horological experts, or find us on Facebook and Twitter where you can keep up-to-date with all things Banks Lyon.