The Return of an Icon: Panthère de Cartier in Steel

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The Panthère de Cartier Small Watch in steel is available on 0% finance for £3,200.00. This watch can be secured for as little as £53.33 a month with a deposit of £640. You can view here for more details about the Panthère de Cartier Small Watch in steel. A few key features of the Panthère de Cartier include:

Quartz Movement

As a common timekeeping technology known for its reliability, Cartier has ensured that this timepiece is functional and stylish. This battery-powered movement makes the second-hand move in individual ticks.

Stainless Steel

Stronger than gold and silver, the stainless-steel material ensures that both the case and the bracelet resist the test of time. An eternal classic, stainless steel is durable against scratching. With a 22mm by 30mm and a thickness of 6mm, it’s delicate yet durable.

Water Resistance

This 2017 re-launch has an increased water resistance of 30 metres, allowing for improved practicality that suits the busy and diverse lifestyle of a young professional. Perfect to go from the office to the gym and for a night out, this watch allows for versatility while blending in with individual fashion style.

Small and Medium Sizes

The Panthère de Cartier Steel Small Watch is also available in a Medium size with a 27mm diameter case on 0% finance for £3,700.00. It can be secured for as little as £61.67 a month with a deposit of £740. You can click here to view this watch.

Cartier is known for their luxurious watches that function as both jewellery and timepiece. Associated with royalty and deemed the “jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers” by King Edward VII of England in the early 20th century, the brand has been a royal favourite ever since. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has worn a Cartier Ballon Blue watch, showcasing Cartier’s unique style and popularity amongst royalty. Cartier’s timepieces are both a watch and a jewel combined, with their focus on the appearance of the watches. Cartier watches are meant to be a fashion piece, highlighting and complementing an outfit for both day and night.

The Panthère de Cartier Collection

The Panthère de Cartier collection stays true to its 1980s roots with a focus on appearance for their relaunch. Modern yet with a touch of history, this collection is true to others of the brand: it’s a must-have. With stylistics borrowed from the 1983 original design, the square dials are a nod to the 170-year history of expertise that Cartier possesses. Additionally, this collection has integrated lugs, hidden clasps, and visible screws on its bezel.

With nine finishes and metals, and two sizes, the Panthère de Cartier collection is available in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and diamonds, yellow gold and steel, white gold with diamond bezel, rose gold with diamond bezel, white gold with diamonds and black enamel animal spots, plain steel, and a limited edition rose gold watch with black lackered links. As one of the most iconic ladies’ watches, the collection is ideal for a new generation of younger clients, redefining the essential watch for a busy lifestyle. With clear femininity and sophistication, the collection provides a wide array of ideal accessories for the daily life.

With increased water resistance and a stronger linked bracelet, the collection features an edgier style that maintains the cherished details that made it popular in the 1980s. While containing precise inner workings, the emphasis on the timepiece as a jewellery statement is apparent and true to the brand’s ideals.

True to Cartier’s ‘jewellery first, timepiece second’, The Panthère de Cartier Steel Small Watch represents everything the brand is known for. Displaying craftsmanship through this delicate yet strong watch for ladies, you can see how it complements your lifestyle: