The Striking Hublot Big Bang Premier League Edition Watch

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Hublot is incredibly passionate about innovation, technology and precision. The Swiss watchmaker was the first to use natural rubber straps in their timepieces and is continuously looking for ways to create newer and better watches.

Hublot is also the official timekeeper for many sports events, including the Premier League, so it’s only natural they’d want to celebrate this partnership with a watch that fans will love. We go into a little more detail about the stunning new Big Bang E Premier League model below.

Hublot Big Bang Collection

Hublot Big Bang, the watchmaker’s flagship collection, was designed by Jean-Claude Biver and perfectly embodies the brand’s bold vision. Fusing together classic elements with cutting-edge techniques, Hublot Big Bang watches are designed and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail.

It’s fair to say that the collection is also daring and revolutionary and has enjoyed international fame and success since its launch in 2005. Hublot has distinguished itself from other watchmaking brands by specifically engineering watches that are technologically advanced and use unconventional materials.

Each watch in the Big Bang family is no different. The sleek, robust and ergonomic designs pair beautifully with a variety of lifestyles, ensuring there’s a watch for everyone and every taste. Whether you’re watching your favourite football games or trekking up a mountain, Hublot Big Bang is the perfect companion.

You can expect to find big and bold pieces in this award-winning line, as Hublot watches have eye-catching, stylish designs. The brand always had a focus on innovation and on pushing boundaries – as seen in its avant-garde concepts – so there are many different sizes, colours, complications and materials in the collection.

Big Bang watches are also known for featuring skeleton faces and, of course, for having smartwatch editions, as is the case with the Premier League model.

Hublot and Premier League

Hublot is so passionate about football that it was the first Fine Watchmaking brand to partner with the sport. Hublot also shares many common values with football and the Premier League: both are tenacious, seek excellence and thrive on competition.

The Premier League brings people together, no matter who they are or their background, and this inspiring popularity has led to millions of fans around the globe – many of whom want a way to become even closer with the sport they love.

The new Big Bang watch helps with this.

As Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot’s CEO, says: “In these challenging times, football continues to be a source of much-needed joy for fans all over the world. Hublot loves football and continues to partner with the game’s greatest competitions.

“It’s our privilege to introduce the Hublot Big Bang E Premier league, a connected watch designed to bring passionate fans even closer to the world’s most-watched league. Hublot is really proud to be working with the Premier League and to be creating memorable experiences for people who love watches and love football.”

Hublot Big Bang E Premier League 42mm Watch

Hublot also loves bold colours, so it’s not surprising that the newest addition to the Big Bang family is purple. This is perfect for anyone who wants to stand out and prefers a bolder piece to complement their wardrobe.

This exclusive watch is limited to only 200 pieces. It has a lightweight 42mm case in satin-finished and polished titanium,

The Velcro strap, which comes with a microblasted black ceramic buckle, can be easily swapped into another bracelet if you prefer with its One Click system. You can virtually create any configuration and style you want with this feature, meaning you can enjoy a different watch every day or occasion!

This connected model is powered by Wear OS by GoogleTM and you can find the Hublot Loves Football Premier League app already installed as well. This means you receive animated notifications that alert you of kick-off times 15 minutes before the game starts, for instance, as well as of any goals, penalties, substitutions, and more, that occur in the games.

You can change the dial to reflect your preferences as well. Time can be set to digital or analogue displays and, when a game starts, it will automatically switch to Match Mode. Referees will get a special version of the watch with additional functions, such as goal-line technology.

The Hublot Big Bang E Premier League 42mm watch can be purchased from Banks Lyon for £4,300 or from £64.50 per month at 0% finance.

If you love football and luxury watches, the new Hublot Big Bang is a match made in heaven, allowing you to enjoy the Premier League like never before. As official stockists for this world-class brand, we have many other Hublot models at our stores, so speak to us now if you’re interested in any particular piece.

You can send us an online message or chat to us via WhatsApp on 07395 785 175 if you prefer, so let us know if we can help you choose your next watch.