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Some time ago, we introduced you to some timepieces from the Tissot Quickster assemblage, a very recent unveiling from Tissot, and one that proved to be extremely popular over the duration of the 2014 World Cup. In actual fact, this was the context that first led us to take a look at the Quickster range, as several of our wristwatches were especially themed to mirror iconic colours from the world of football. However, the passing of the World Cup has not reduced the appeal of Tissot Quickster watches in any way at all, so here are a few variant designs that we didn’t showcase last time.

One of the strengths of the Quickster family is the timeless and classic appearance that is boasted by each and every timepiece, and combining that sort of attraction with the qualities of a sports watch was always going to be a winning formula. This particular Tissot Quickster Quartz watch is perhaps the most traditional timepiece from our chosen three, as the crisp white dial provides exceptional legibility when arrayed against the contrasting black and stainless steel features. Like all Quickster watches, a Swiss-made quartz movement is housed within, and this proficient mechanism allows the timepiece to be offered for a hugely accessible price of £270.

However, there is more than one way to fashion a classic wristwatch, and this second Tissot Quickster Quartz watch adopts a different tactic to ensure equally impressive readability. Taking inspiration from a night-time sky, the white baton numerals are nevertheless superbly clear upon a deep midnight blue dial, whilst the unobtrusive black leather strap draws even more attention to the face of the timepiece and the tachymeter bezel. Similarly priced at £270, the aesthetics of this Quickster are perhaps less cleanly outlined when compared to those of the previous example, but that more restrained approach doubtless holds a charm all of its own.

Our final Tissot Quickster might be familiar to some of you from our social media channels, as we highlighted it only a few days ago, but we’re so taken with this watch that it seemed almost criminal to overlook it here. Moving further away from the ‘safe’ colour schemes of the aforementioned Quickster watches, this is very possibly one of the best looking Tissot watches that we’ve ever come across; the orange and black aesthetic really is outstanding. The addition of PVD to the stainless steel case is also a masterstroke, and of course this Quickster possesses all of usual qualities – including a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and chronograph functionality – that are common to this family of watches.

Available for £310, this wristwatch, like all Tissot watches, possesses an innate excellence that far exceeds its modest price tag. Of course, we also have all of the Quickster ‘Football’ range in stock as well, so this vibrant collection of timepieces really does offer something for everyone, no matter what their tastes might be. If you’d like to discuss the availability of any of our Tissot watches, then don’t hesitate to contact our team today by calling 01524 38 48 58. We’re always happy to discuss your enquiries, and will make it our priority to find the ideal wristwatch for you.