Top Questions About Our Luxury Watches


At Banks Lyon, we stock a large range of luxury watches from world-class brands, from OMEGA to Hublot. Buying a watch is exciting, and it’s also natural that you’ll want to learn more about them before making your decision.

This is why we’re taking a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about our watches below. For more information, get in touch with our expert team, who’ll be happy to help.

Where are Breitling Watches Made?

Breitling watches are Swiss-made, so you can expect high quality and precision. Breitling operates from Grenchen, Swizerland, and was founded in 1884 in Saint-Imier. The brand is incredibly popular among pilots and aviation enthusiasts, as the watches are reliable, accurate and durable – and designed to perform well even in high pressure environments and harsh conditions.

How Do you Wind a Breitling Watch?

If you’ve bought a Breitling watch or are considering getting one, knowing how to wind it up is useful. If you’ve not worn a Breitling piece in a few days, you may want to wind it before wearing it – this can be done by turning the crown counterclockwise to unlock it and then wind it a minimum of forty times clockwise. You only need to do it about five or ten times if the watch is older and automatic.

Each brand will have slightly different ways to perfectly wind their watches, so make sure to check with the watchmaker – or speak to us, and we’ll be able to let you know how to make the most of your timepiece.

Image: Breitling Chronomat 32

Do Cartier Watches Hold Their Value?

If you’re wondering if you should buy a Cartier watch but are concerned about whether they’re a good investment, we can put your mind at ease. Just like many other luxury watches we stock at Banks Lyon, Cartier pieces continue to hold their value for a very long time.

So, when you purchase one of these watches, make sure to keep their original box and paperwork if you’re interested in selling it later on or in passing it to the next generation. This is especially true because people who save the box, accessories and all documentation show that they’ve cared for the watch.

It also shows they ensured the piece was regularly serviced and cleaned. This often means the timepiece has been checked for issues like water ingress and damages often, and that any faulty parts have been replaced.

Luxury watches are made to last but you can improve their accuracy and ensure their quality for a longer period of time if you have a professional look at all the different elements that make up a watch. There are hundreds of little parts that need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly and it’s also important that you account for normal wear and tear and have batteries replaced if you’ve bought a quartz piece, for instance.

Oils may need changing, gaskets will have to be assessed for integrity and, if you wear your watch outdoors a lot (including in water), you’ll want to make sure that everything is still working properly and nothing is corroding.

All of this means that having your Cartier watch cleaned and maintained every 4 to 6 years will help to expand its lifespan, so you’re likely to have a good investment on your hands in that case. We offer watch servicing and repairs at Banks Lyon, so speak to us if you’d like to know more about this.

How Do You Reset a Garmin Watch?

While our Garmin smart watches are high quality and you don’t need to worry about issues cropping up when you’re out and about, there might be times where they need to be reset. This could be because the watch is not receiving a satellite signal or if you want to restore it to factory settings.

Each model is reset in a different way. For example, the Garmin vívomove luxe watches can be reset if you bring up the menu, select ‘settings’ (the gear icon), then the ‘watch’ icon and then select the type of reset you’re looking for. Then you just need to follow on-screen instructions.

How Do You Change the Time on a Garmin Watch?

Another question we get is how you can change the time on your Garmin. In this case, you don’t have to worry about having to do this manually, since the time is automatically set when you pair it with your phone. However, if you want to change it after that, you can follow the manual’s instructions that come with your piece, since each smart model will have different ways of setting a different time.

Again, if you’re unsure how to go about this, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We’re experts in everything watch-related, so we can help with any questions and doubts you may have.

Image: Garmin vívomove Luxe 42mm Smart Watch

How Much is a Hublot Watch?

The price of your watch can vary depending on the brand and the collection, but it’s fair to say that Hublot watches are a bit pricier than others, like TAG Heuer watches, for example. Hublot pieces are made from unconventional materials and every single element is added by hand, not to mention how precise the movements are.

The watchmaker also offers a lot of variety, as you’ll find many different sizes, colours, patterns and materials in their collections. So, if you’re keen on buying a Hublot, research the models well ahead of time to find the one that best suits you and your taste.

Are Longines Watches Good?

The short answer is: yes. Longines watches are Swiss-made and made to last. Both their mechanical and quartz pieces are precise and durable, as well as affordable, so the brand is great for someone just looking to get on the luxury watch ladder.

You also get a strong warranty in case something happens. In some cases, you have a 2-year warranty, while some watches have a 5-year one instead, for your peace of mind.

Image: Longines La Grande Classique Quartz Watch

How Can Banks Lyon Help?

These are just some of the questions we get asked all the time but, if you want to contact us for any other reason, don’t hesitate. We stock watches for all budgets and personal tastes, and we also offer a personal shopper service tailor-made with your preferences in mind. This will help you to find the right watch for your lifestyle too.

We have a lot of experience when it comes to watches and jewellery, and our Lancaster store manager, Myles Harrison, is even an OMEGA Grand Ambassador. With unrivalled expertise and a friendly team at your disposal, why not pop in for a visit in Lancaster or Kendal?

We’ll answer all your questions in person and go through the specifications and features of your favourite watches and brands.