Vintage Jewellery for the Summer


After discussing the perfect jewellery for the spring, we now turn our attention to the warmer days. Summer is nearly upon us and what better way to celebrate it than complementing your style with beautiful, pre owned jewellery you can wear on every occasion? The benefits of choosing this type of jewellery are many, and will guarantee you beautiful pieces that meet all of your needs.

Why Choose Pre Owned Jewellery?


Trusting your vendor is perhaps the most important thing to consider when opting for pre owned jewellery. It’s essential that you can have trust in the quality and luxury of your purchase, whether that’s an antique brooch or a stunning white gold emerald cut diamond ring. This way you can purchase pieces that look as they did when they were first created.

The range of exquisite pre owned jewellery you can choose from is immense, so you can be sure to find pieces you’ll fall in love with and match them to your summer outfits.

The Benefits of Vintage Jewellery


Pre owned jewellery offers incredible value, but it’s not the only reason why you should consider this option. After all, you can own a piece of history in your hands, be it white gold drop earrings that sparkle effortlessly in the sun, or sophisticated rose gold oval cufflinks that speak of another era. It’s often the case that older pieces were hand-crafted using techniques, and even knowledge, that are not as used or known today – sometimes, they can’t even be reproduced by modern technologies.

Owning vintage jewellery pieces is not just fashionable; due to the wide variety of designs found amongst them, you can develop your own personal style by adding the unique features of different periods of time to your wardrobe. No matter whether you’re looking to wear a summer dress or spend all day under the glowing sun, you can always find exactly what you’re looking for in pre owned jewellery. No one will have the same style as you, especially because you can easily find limited edition or exclusive pieces that are no longer made today.

Add Colour and Style to Your Summer


Subtlety is making a return. The new trends speak of delicate, subtle jewellery capable of being mixed and matched with a wide selection of clothing pieces, such as Diamond Stud Earrings, which appear to also be making a comeback. The great thing about diamond studs is that they can be used in formal or informal settings, so the options are endless.

Gold is a favourite of many jewellery wearers during summer, as this timeless material is eye-catching and versatile, and can be worn in a variety of circumstances – the way the sun glints off the sparkling beauty of a 18 ct Yellow Gold and Platinum 3.18ct Marquise Cut Diamond Ring is warm and fashionable, and always stands out from the crowd!

Capable of being passed on from generation to generation, pre owned jewellery offers some of the world’s most beautiful diamond, gold and platinum craftsmanship, making it ideal for the summer days and nights.

Vintage, pre owned jewellery was made to last, so you can expect great durability and quality, key elements that should always be considered when investing in luxury jewellery. At Banks Lyon you can find the perfect pre owned pieces to match your needs, all with the assurance of excellence. Contact us today on 01524 381020 to discuss our vast range of jewellery, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see more of what we offer.