2018 FIFA World Cup and Hublot: An Impressive Partnership

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Hublot were “the first luxury brand to embrace the world of football”, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they will, once again, showcase their commitment to football in the 21st FIFA World Cup by being its official timekeeper for the third time.

The partnership between Hublot and FIFA started in 2010, with the World Cup in South Africa, and continues to make history by seeing these two giants join forces for the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM. Brazilian football legend, Pelé, is not just Hublot’s brand ambassador, but also the Official FIFA Watch and Official FIFA Timekeeper for this event.

To mark this grand occasion, Hublot have created a smartwatch that all football aficionados will love, as it will connect them to every decisive second of the matches played this upcoming June: the Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM Smartwatch.

Hublot Loves Football

To further celebrate the sport and its many fans, Hublot is also running a visual campaign with a strong universal message: “How to become a champion!”

13 personalities share inspiring quotes that celebrate the talent and state-of-mind of champions and that show that everyone can achieve success. From Pelé and Usain Bolt to José Mourinho and Diego Maradona, these living legends are united in giving a positive message to all fans.

Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot’s CEO, believes that “there is no finer accomplishment for a brand than to rally its friends and ambassadors around a project that conveys positive and inspiring values. The power of the portraits, the intensity of the words, and the charisma of the personalities all combine to make this a truly fine campaign.

For us, football is first and foremost a magnificent means of communicating values and this campaign serves not only to pay tribute to the talents, to transmit the desire to play and the desire to achieve one’s dreams, but also to send a message of hope and solidarity. Images and quotes to look back on as often as necessary. So, let’s be champions!”

Hublot and FIFA: An Impressive Partnership

Jean-Claude Biver, chairman of Hublot and President of the LVMH Group’s Watches Division, had the idea of becoming involved with the world of football as, in his words, he wanted to “go where the potential customers are”.

They first sponsored the Swiss team in 2006 – all 60 members of the team wore a Big Bang ASF limited edition when they “flew off to the World Cup in Germany”. This marked the birth of the iconic Big Bang watch, which then became an exclusive sporty watch strongly linked to the world of football.

Hublot were the official partners of the UEFA Euro 2008 and also developed connections and partnerships to the Mexican Football Federation, to the Spanish national team, to Manchester United and to Diego Maradona.

Then, in 2010, as the luxury brand became synonymous with football, they entered in one of the most prestigious partnerships within the world of football by establishing an association with FIFA.

In 2014, history was made when, for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, FIFA allowed Hublot to redesign the referee boards into the shape of the Big Bang, and to add their brand name, bezel ‘H’ screws and protruding case accents. This had never occurred before in the world of FIFA and became a great marketing tool for Hublot.

According to the CEO of Hublot, Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot is “once again happy to be FIFA’s Official Timekeeper for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which will take place in Russia. Russia is a key market for Hublot, with Russian clients among our most significant buyers today. We can’t wait for the competition to begin!”

Why Hublot and FIFA are Perfect Together

Hublot and FIFA are iconic in their respective fields.

Hublot is a titan of the horology world, a luxury brand that has created a lot of ‘firsts’. From producing a watch featuring the first natural rubber strap in the history of watchmaking to being the first luxury watch brand to enter the world of cricket, for instance, Hublot’s iron will to innovate and push boundaries have led them to where they are today.

FIFA seeks to continuously improve the experience of football, to promote the sport and its integrity, and to bring the game to everyone around the world. ‘Innovation’ is part of their strategy, such as with technological advances that improve the experience of this sport.

Both want to continue making history and both desire to go beyond. By teaming up, Hublot and FIFA intend to elevate football to another level, be it the game itself or the experience of the fans.

hublot and fifa in russia countdown clock

A Watch for Fans

The Hublot Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM Smartwatch is the pinnacle of innovation, technology and truly elegant design – proof that the brand doesn’t compromise its aesthetic values while meeting the requirements of referees. With goal-line technology and electronic video assistance system integrated for the referees’ watches, this Big Bang model has surpassed all expectations so far.

This watch is the perfect way to stay connected to the FIFA World Cup RussiaTM, as it will give you a 15-minute notice of each kick-off event, notifications of any yellow and red cards, as well as goals, and will keep you updated with elements such as the goal-scorers, player substitutions, match time, and match statistics.

A football fan’s dream, the Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM will allow you to capture every single moment of the World Cup, from its most emotional moments to its running points and glorious victories.

Hublot Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM Smartwatch

2018 football fans will have the opportunity to enjoy Hublot’s first ever connected watch ahead of the first kick-off on June 14th. This smartwatch comes equipped with a wide range of features that are perfect not just for the football aficionado, but also for the stylish modern man who wishes to combine tradition with innovation and state-of-the-art design. The Hublot Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM is available at Banks Lyon at 0% finance for £4,300 or from £71.67 per month.


The Smartwatch complication of this Big Bang model is one-of-a-kind. Featuring Wear OS by Google, a technology developed by LVMH, it allows the wearer to stay connected to every moment of the 2018 World Cup.

Titanium Case

The 49mm titanium case comes with a satin finish that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Sturdy, reliable and beautifully crafted.


This model comes with several sensors that enhance the wearer’s experience. These include an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a microphone, GPS, haptic motor and tilt detector and vibration sensors.


The Hublot Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM possesses a 35.4mm-diameter screen AMOLED with 400 x 400 pixels.

Water Resistance

To top what is already an impressive list of accomplishments, this model is also water resistant up to 50m (5 ATM).

According to Philippe Le Floc’h, CCO of FIFA, “we are all very excited to witness another impressive milestone in FIFA’s relationship with Hublot. The launch of the Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is a perfect illustration of Hublot’s ability to combine tradition, expert knowledge and innovation. The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia will provide the perfect platform for this amazing watch to showcase its full potential”.


Hublot is truly living up to their slogan of #HublotLovesFootball with this fantastic timepiece that celebrates the game of football and all its fans.

An Unmissable Limited Edition

Only 2018 of these stunning watches have been made, and there are only 300 of them in the UK.

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Celebrate your passion for the world of football with a smartwatch that is the personification of the beautiful sport itself; these outstanding limited-edition timepieces are the perfect addition to any fan’s collection, so order now while the stock lasts!

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