TAG Heuer and the Monaco Grand Prix 2018

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The “world of TAG Heuer is closely connected to motor racing” and, in particular, to one of the year’s most prestigious and renowned events: The Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco of 2018. On May 27th, the streets of Monte Carlo will, once again, welcome some of the world’s best drivers as they compete for the glory of being crowned champion at such an esteemed event.

TAG Heuer and its Monaco watches have been associated with the world of Formula One for over 40 years and, to this day, the Monaco range remains just as iconic as the race and city it’s named after.

The partnership between TAG Heuer and the Grand Prix couldn’t be more perfect – after all, both watchmaking and racing require precision and technical excellence.

TAG Heuer and the Grand Prix Are the Perfect Combination

TAG Heuer’s motto, “Don’t Crack Under Pressure”, perfectly reflects the vision of the brand. Built to last with extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to detail, TAG Heuer’s watches are well-known for their reliability and sturdiness, part of what makes them so popular by watch aficionados everywhere.

Their brand’s ambassadors also live this value. “They’re athletes and actors, models and surfers, divers and drivers. They come from all corners of the earth. They’re all under intense pressure every day on the field, at sea, on camera or on stage in front of millions of fans. They never stop. They never run. They never crumble”.

And what could speak more of tenacity and courage in the face of adversity than racing in the Grand Prix? This is one of the “most thrilling sporting events across the globe” and TAG Heuer will “clock champions as they push their limits, achieve the impossible and never crack under pressure”.

TAG Heuer Together with Aston Martin

TAG Heuer announced a new deal with Aston Martin during the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show, with the Swiss brand becoming its official watch partner. Both companies share common values, such as their will to innovate when it comes to design and their focus on superior quality craftsmanship.

Jean-Claude Biver, TAG Heuer’s CEO, believes that “Aston Martin has the same genetic make-up as TAG Heuer: luxury, quality, beautiful products, innovation, history, emotion and performance. We are, therefore, delighted, to be able to work with such a prestigious brand that shares our passion for cars. This collaboration will bring forth a wealth of amazing synergies that will strengthen TAG Heuer’s position as an avant-garde luxury watch brand with a leading position in the automotive sector”.

TAG Heuer and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

TAG Heuer and Aston Martin already shared an affiliation with the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team, with Aston Martin being its naming sponsor and its engines boasting the TAG Heuer brand.

However, this new partnership is a historic moment: TAG Heuer is “marking a historic premiere for a watchmaking brand in the world of F1 with the naming of the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing-TAG Heuer RB12 car now running on a TAG Heuer engine V6 for the RB13”.

The Swiss watchmaker is the Official Timekeeper, Official Watch and Team Performance Partner of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and firmly believes in excellence and innovation. According to Biver, the brand’s aim is to “show that true luxury lasts forever and that that’s what differentiates TAG Heuer timepieces from other objects which inevitably become obsolete over the years. All those working at TAG Heuer channel all of their energy into offering long-lasting quality and innovation. Indeed, our future depends entirely on it”.

And Aston Martin Red Bull Racing has “radically transformed the world of motorsports with its incredible performance on the track and defiance of convention”.

Bringing together a love for motor racing and iconic brands, both TAG Heuer and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing strive to be the best at what they do.

Why the Grand Prix Monaco?

It couldn’t be any other.

TAG Heuer has had a strong connection to the Monaco Grand Prix for many years, ever since it introduced the TAG Heuer Monaco, an automatic chronograph wristwatch, in honour of this annual event.

The Swiss watchmaker has been revolutionising watchmaking since its inception in 1860 and the Monaco was proof of that – this range was revolutionary because it was the first automatic watch and the first square-cased chronograph.

Winning the Monaco Grand Prix adds the driver’s name to a list of the all-time greats. This prestigious circuit is both exceptional and challenging, and is also part of the ‘Triple Crown in Motorsport’, an achievement that rewards the best in the racing world. It has been running since 1929 and features on every F1 calendar – this makes it one of the longest-running races in the world.

So, TAG Heuer stands apart due to the exceptional quality and reliability of their watches and the Monaco Grand Prix stands apart for being the one competition that every driver dreams of winning.

TAG Heuer Monaco Range

To celebrate the Monaco Grand Prix race, TAG Heuer introduced the first Monaco watch in 1969. TAG Heuer Monaco watches are the ‘epitome of elegance and prestige with a vintage flair’ and have become legendary after being worn by Steve McQueen in 1970’s Le Mans.

This range has always been bold in both aesthetics and function, mainly due to its iconic square case, automatic chronograph and water resistance. ‘Strong, fierce and in a league of its own’, Monaco watches are modern classics that celebrate the world of motor racing and its rich culture.

TAG Heuer Monaco was discontinued around 1975, as its unusual shape only enjoyed modest success at the time. However, due to TAG Heuer’s renewed interest in its heritage, as well as Steve McQueen’s increasing popularity, the brand issued a re-edition of the Monaco watch in 1998 and, in 2003, reintroduced it yet again with new mechanisms.

The newest release, the TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 Gulf Special Edition watch, is the perfect embodiment of the rich heritage of TAG Heuer with motor racing. It was revisited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the rise of the Gulf Racing blue and orange stripes; as he drove his Porsche 917 that bore the Gulf colours, Steve McQueen, the ‘King of Cool, wore a Tag Heuer Monaco 1133B Calibre 11 that has become instantly recognisable around the world.

It is undeniable that TAG Heuer Monaco watches make a statement.

Modern, yet with a classic twist, the timepieces in this range are the personification of cool, boldness and revolutionary aesthetics. Perfect for the contemporary man who is passionate about life in the fast lane.

Alongside the Monaco range, we offer many other TAG Heuer watches at our stores – as official stockists of this luxury brand, we are proud to be part of its history and to help to celebrate the fantastic world of motor racing.

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