Andrew Geoghegan: The Pursuit Of Perfection


British design house ‘Andrew Geoghegan’ is rapidly cementing its place among the finest luxury brands in the world of jewellery. Specialising in the creation of truly breathtaking bridal and cocktail rings, particularly diamond studded engagement pieces, the Andrew Geoghegan brand name has become synonymous with a desire to express beauty through jewellery, precious metals and gorgeous stones. Andrew Geoghegan jewellery passionately upholds premier qualities of art within each design, whilst similarly not compromising on function. Widely beloved as a luxury brand that also possesses personality and familiarity, there is little wonder why Andrew Geoghegan has risen so far, and in such a short timescale.

The man himself behind this exciting brand in the world of jewellery possesses a strong dedication to the expression of beauty within the forms of his ring and jewellery pieces. This is ably conveyed through the peerless precision, accuracy and execution within his workmanship, with Andrew Geoghegan rings exuding the artistic impact of a sculpture when viewed from any conceivable angle. Andrew Geoghegan has fallen deeply in love with his chosen craft, and now aims to push his trade even further forward, striving to create unique designs that are ‘conceived in love, for love’.

Andrew Geoghegan’s journey towards the jewellery that is now inextricably linked with his name began in 1997. Having studied 3D design at university, specialising in silver-smithing, Geoghegan’s initial work was conducted from a potting shed purchased for him by his parents. Secreted in an unassuming Leeds garden, Geoghegan meticulously honed the techniques that would come to serve him well in the future; with the art of stone setting proving to be a particular priority. It was not long before retailers began to see the passion in Geoghegan’s unique approach, and his lack of ‘traditional’ jewellery training actually attracted a great deal of attention due to the fluidity that was inherent within his designs.

Despite the huge amount of interest that his work was receiving, including a shortlist for a design of the year award, Geoghegan is the first to admit that his youthful confidence was, to an extent, misplaced. The initial designs pioneered by Geoghegan were typically characterised by a strong and angular design; a preference that Geoghegan now attributes to the strong, yet rather ‘limited’ character of his 23 year old self. The softening of Geoghegan’s designs reflects the softening of the man himself, and this has resulted in many lighter rings and jewellery pieces that are far more willing to show their appreciation for a wide range of classic designs.

A distinctive feature that has now become ubiquitous with Andrew Geoghegan jewellery is the intriguingly intricate stone settings that typify his work. Geoghegan freely pursues his ambition to become known as a creator of exquisite jewellery that is second to none, and fashions his jewellery to such a painstaking level of detail that it demands magnification to be fully appreciated. The highly anticipated, and recently released, Andrew Geoghegan Satellite Bridal Engagement Ring is a supreme example of this, as the world class castelle set diamonds used on the piece really have to be seen to be believed.

Andrew Geoghegan jewellery and rings are intended to be the perfect way for a person to express their love for another individual, and the brand’s quest for a flawless masterpiece has already yielded a multitude of stunning pieces. With exporting already taking place in areas such as Munich and the prestigious Bahrain ‘Jewellery Arabia’ event in November, along with future plans to target a truly global market, Andrew Geoghegan jewellery is likely to see even greater exposure over the coming years. At Banks Lyon, we are proud to stock an extensive range of Andrew Geoghegan rings and jewellery, and look forward to seeing how his work continues to seamlessly blend the contemporary with the classical in the coming years.