Banks Lyon Jewellers Become Official Stockists of Shaun Leane

Shaun Leane Jewellery


For 32 years, Banks Lyon Jewellers has been a stockist of premier luxury brands such as Cartier, Messika, Chopard and Fope to name but a few. Now, we will be adding the striking jewellery collections of Shaun Leane to this esteemed list as Banks Lyon jewellers become official stockists of the brand.

Awarded UK Fine Jewellery Brand of the Year in 2016 – and four-time winner overall – there has never been a better time to purchase a piece of Shaun Leane’s iconic collections for yourself.

The Shaun Leane Story

Shaun Leane is a jewellery designer that has become best known for his work with esteemed fashion designer and couturier Alexander McQueen. When their partnership began, it was a far cry from the work of his apprenticeship as a traditionally trained goldsmith, as he began to work with less precious metals such as brass, aluminium and sterling silver for McQueen’s catwalk visions. It was during this period that Leane’s attention to detail and invention of new techniques began to define the pieces in Leane’s collection.

One of the most outlandish and avant-garde of his creations was the spine-tingling skeleton corset created for McQueen’s 2008 show Untitled. Leane also created an African-inspired neckpiece that later inspired his full-bodied metal corset, which was worn by Bjork on the cover of her album Homogenic in 1997.

The Shaun Leane brand began in 1998, when Harvey Nichols first approached Leane to commission what would become the first of his collections. The following year Shaun Leane Jewellery became a reality. Collections such as Signature Tusk, Quill and Cherry Blossom have become a trademark of the brand. They combine Leane’s traditional goldsmith training with the inspiration he has gleaned from the world of fashion, producing some of the most unique designer jewellery as a result of this untraditional approach.


Created to treasure for a lifetime, these collections are fuelled by unrivalled craftsmanship and unlimited imagination. Graceful and feminine, but with a defiant edge which captures the beauty of the many flowers and elegant lines found in nature.

Leane’s White Feather collection, for example, distils the outline of the feather into its purest form, overlapping and interweaving tendrils to create a sense of movement which harmonises with the body to create a living piece. This grace contrasts the more sharply-defined Quill jewellery, a striking collection which evokes the movement and fluidity of a brushstroke. Some pieces are set with embellished black spinel’s that are lovingly refined, glistening darkly against the rose gold contours of the metal beneath.

View the full collection here and enjoy the knife-edge contours for yourself. As official stockists, we here at Banks Lyon Jewellers couldn’t be more excited by the arrival of Leane’s collections to our store.