Marco Bicego: Hand Crafted Perfection

Marco Bicego Jewellery


From the modern to the traditional, Banks Lyon Jewellers are stockists of many fine jewellery brands that offers a taste of both. One such brand is Marco Bicego, whose collections showcase old world tradition modified by modern design.


Born the son of a goldsmith, Marco Bicego was not immediately drawn to this profession, let alone that of jewellery design. Family was at the heart of Bicego’s life in Italy and he cites this as his greatest influence in the journey of his life. His father being a goldsmith had some influence on the future career that he would forge, but there was also a desire from Bicego to take this in a different direction. Marco Bicego built his brand on the experience of his family’s goldsmith traditions and enhanced them with his inborn passion for Italian creativity.

Surrounded by beauty from a young age due to his Venetian roots, it is easy to see how Bicego was so inspired by his home country despite having no formal jewellery design training.

Hand Crafted in Italy

True to his roots, every piece of jewellery produced for the Marco Bicego brand finds its origins in Italy. each precious item is handcrafted in the brand’s headquarters located in northern Italy. Trissino is surrounded by historical cities such as Venice, Vicenza, Verona and Padua – ensuring excellent quality for their clients with locally sourced materials as well as a scenic location to ensure continuous creativity.

Every piece designed and produced by Bicego, is done in-house by hand, from the fusion of the gold right through to the final polish on a finished piece. The techniques used in the Bicego workshops have been passed down to Bicego from his father, including hand-twisted gold. At the heart of many of the brand’s collections, the key element is the inner coil: a thick strand of gold which is tightly wound around an 18K gold ‘thread’. Once finished, it is shaped into many different designs across the available collections.

This is an important aspect of the Marco Bicego brand. It involves exclusive manufacturing techniques which were passed down to Bicego by his father.

This technique is particularly apparent in the Marco Bicego Goa Collection. Pieces such as the White Gold Three Row Diamond Bracelet have this hand-twisted gold as a central aspect of their aesthetic. The brilliant diamonds are placed in such a way to contrast playfully against the different shade of gold upon your wrist. A simple, but elegant, design perfect for everyday wear.

To see this intricate process of hand twisting gold in action, view the video below:

Many of the pieces in Bicego’s collection have been hand engraved to add a signature look and feel to the jewellery. This is done with a traditional ‘bulino’ a tool which came into use during the Renaissance period of Italian history and consists of a fine chisel that gives the gold a brushed texture. As a result, each and every piece is truly unique, handcrafted to perfection but varying slightly from each other. The Lunaria collection displays this finish beautifully in the White Gold and Diamond Pave Graduated Necklace.

Part of Bicego’s belief when it comes to his designs is simplicity with high quality. Something which is clearly at the heart of the Marco Bicego collections.

The bespoke mix of varying shades of gemstones is one of the signature looks of Marco Bicego’s. It is these different colours and shapes which help the collections be as expressive as they are. Bicego is passionate about the differing hues and shades of the stones that eventually are hand-picked for his pieces, ensuring that they deliver a “one-of-a-kind individuality to each piece.”

Displayed beautifully in the Paradise collection. Colours mix joyously together to create a treat for the eyes, as seen in the Marco Bicego Paradise Necklace. This beautiful piece has shades of the Venetian green sea mixing perfectly together with hues of the town’s bright architecture besides it.

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