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Bremont is well known for creating watches with ties to English tradition and heritage. The brand is strongly connected to aviation and the military, and Bremont watches are precise, pragmatic, and timeless.

The watchmaker’s new release, the Bremont Hawking, is no exception. The collection is already an iconic limited edition, as it celebrates, honours and preserves a piece of history with its tribute to Stephen Hawking.

Celebrating Stephen Hawking

Together with the Hawking family, Bremont worked hard to create a collection that commemorates the life of the famous British scientist. The watches are designed to represent Hawking’s passion for the study of time and the pursuit of knowledge of the universe.

Another thing that makes this limited-edition collection so special is that each watch has a small piece of Stephen Hawking’s desk inside. A line that is perfect for watch aficionados and history enthusiasts. Bremont has previously designed several family of watches with a little piece of history inside them, so this isn’t new territory for the company. An example is the Bremont Supersonic, which paid homage to the Concorde.

It’s not surprising, then, that Tim Hawking, Stephen Hawking’s son, trusted Bremont to do a wonderful job. In his words: “My father’s work was primarily theoretical. Nevertheless, he was a person who placed great value on precision craftsmanship and the interplay of design and technology.

“This antique desk was a most treasured possession, representing both his grandmother’s pioneering commitment to education, and a portal back to happy childhood memories. The Hawking family are delighted that its legacy may live on further now in the Hawking Bremont timepieces.”

Giles English, Bremont’s co-founder, added: “The Hawking Collection is a slight divergence from some of the historic limited editions we’ve become known for at Bremont. Other than celebrating a true British legend, the story has added personal significance for myself and Nick as our father knew of Stephen Hawking having been to St Albans School together, a couple of years apart, and following the same path to Cambridge University.

“As with each of Bremont’s historic limited editions, there is also a philanthropic dimension. It’s been a real honour working closely with the Hawking family on this project – who founded the ‘Stephen Hawking Foundation’ which facilitates cosmological research as well as support for those who live with Motor Neurone Disease. Part of the proceeds from these watches will be going directly to the charity.”

So, when you purchase a Bremont Hawking, you are also contributing to a fantastic cause.

Bremont Hawking Limited Edition Watches

The Bremont Hawking Limited Edition watch has four wooden disks in the caseback, taken from Hawking’s 18th-century desk, where he contemplated the mysteries of the universe. The chronometer also comes with some meteorite to represent the cosmos; this material can be found at the centre of the hand-finished closed caseback. The stars in the caseback also contain meteorite – they showcase the night sky in Oxford, 8th January 1942, when Professor Hawking was born.

But these aren’t the only things that make the watch so special for history buffs; the serial number on every limited-edition model is printed on paper from original copies of a 1979 research paper co-written by Hawking and Professor Gary Gibbons, who he often collaborated with. The paper is still considered one of the most important pieces of research on gravity and aimed to understand the thermal properties of black holes.

The words “A Brief History of Time” can be found on the caseback as well, and reference one of Hawking’s most popular and well-known science books.

Classically styled and yet modern at the same time, this stunning collection is truly unmissable for Bremont fans.

There are only:

Bremont Hawking Steel & Diamond Limited Edition Watch

Bremont also launched a ladies’ watch. The elegant Bremont Hawking Stainless Steel and Diamond model is also restricted to only 88 pieces. The model features a stainless-steel case and matte polished case and, unlike the men’s 41mm edition, this 34mm watch comes with a dial entirely made of meteorite. The polished nickel hands are the perfect finishing touch.

The caseback is also different from the men’s watch. The intricate, hand-finished design represents a black hole, through which you can glimpse an automatic rotor. The bezel has inset diamonds, as do the index markers – this beautiful model is the first time Bremont has used diamonds in a collection.

The watch is also a C.O.S.C.-certified chronometer and water-resistant up to 100 metres and can be purchased from Banks Lyon for £7,995 or from £119.93 per month at 0% finance.

Banks Lyon is proud to be one of Bremont’s official stockists; the brand’s watches celebrate pioneering icons, as is the case with Stephen Hawking, and are strongly connected to British aviation and engineering.

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