Bremont Release Two New Watches to Commemorate Relationship with Jaguar

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Jaguar and Bremont are two of the most easily recognisable British brands on Earth, and the two companies have recently cemented a long-term partnership. To commemorate this, Bremont are now offering two brand new watches based on the most famous Jaguar of all, the E-Type. Not just any E-Type either, the ‘lightweight’, a very special car indeed.

Jaguar E-Type   

Why was the E-Type so special? Well we could go into the details of the straight-six engine, the power and speed of the thing, but better than that, just look at it…

Enzo Ferrari was a man that it paid to listen to; he was a man known for his fiery temper and desire for perfection. Having personally overseen the design at Ferrari you would think that his favourite car would have come out of Maranello, but no… It was the Jaguar E-Type that Enzo declared to be ‘The most beautiful car ever made’.

Originally Jaguar committed to making eighteen lightweights but only finished twelve. Recently, Jaguar confirmed that the six remaining cars would be finished. As part of their partnership, Bremont was asked to make two watches to commemorate these remaining E-Types.

Bremont Jaguar MKI

In honour of this wonderful car, Bremont have created two utterly stunning watches, the MKI and the MKII, both of which are inspired by the design of the ‘bite-the-back-of-your-hand’ beautiful, Lightweight E-Type.

The first watch, the MKI takes its styling cues from the tachometer of the Lightweight E-Type and carries a Jaguar insignia at 6H and even the classic ‘redline’ at 3H. In addition to the main dial there is also a second counter at 9H and date at 6H, all this is set on a jet black and very attractive dial.

The case is 43mm stainless steel and contains a Bremont BWC/01-10 33.4mm automatic movement and the rear of the case contains a miniaturised Jaguar E-Type steering wheel rotor with Growler emblem.

The incredible attention to detail put into making sure that this watch lives up to the excitement borders on obsession and the finished product is a breathtaking site to behold.

Bremont Jaguar MKII

Similar in style to the MKI, the MKII moves the game on a little by adding a 30 minute counter at 3H, all laid over the BE-50AE automatic movement. This movement has been specially customised by Bremont to a unique specification for these limited edition pieces.

The crystal case back allows the lucky owners to see the intricacies of the MKII’s inner workings as well as a miniaturised E-Type steering wheel rotor.

Bremont at Banks Lyon

As you can see from the incredible timepieces above, Bremont have something of a knack for making watches that stand out from the crowd. Here at Banks Lyon we stock a wide range of Bremont watches, including the Bremont Jaguar MKI watch which is available for pre-order now, retailing at £8,450 and available at 0% finance for 36 monthly payments of £187.78 and a 20% deposit.

To view our entire range of Bremont watches simply pop in and see us in store, or contact us today and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.