Choose Fope Jewellery to Make a Splash at Your Next Summer Party

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We’re now deep in the heart of the summer, and for most of us that means dozens of party invitations and the chance to wear our finest cocktail dresses as we soak up the glow of a hot afternoon sun, or relish the golden moment as the day transitions into night.

No summer party outfit would be complete without some statement jewellery to capture your personality – and catch the eyes of any onlookers. With this in mind, we have decided to take a closer look at some of the stunning items of jewellery which are available from the Italian goldsmiths Fope; the warm, summery tones of their gold and rose gold necklaces, bracelets and rings are perfect for celebrating the last few weeks of August in unrivalled style.

Wild Rose Bangles

Does anything speak of the glory of the summer months more than the enchanting rose? Fope’s wild rose collection captures the flower’s beauty, with a ‘flex’it’ bracelet and a charming diamond set rondel centre.

We’re particularly partial to the yellow gold option, which really seems to shine with the dramatic intensity of a warm summer sun. The central diamond adds a real sparkle, while the unique design of the bracelet really pops off the wrist; this might not be the bracelet of choice for people who want to melt into the background, but it is the ideal choice for ladies who want to make a little bit of a splash.

The Wild Rose 18ct Yellow Gold Bangle, with a 0.33 ct bangle, is currently available for £3,275.00, or on a 36 month 0% finance plan of £88.78 per month.

Yellow Gold Maori Diamond Set Necklace

If you prefer to add some embellishments to your neck, or you’re looking for something which will perfectly complement the wild rose bangle, then the Yellow Gold Maori Diamond Set necklace could be the perfect choice. The inimitable ‘Novecento Mesh’ chain will strike a beautiful contrast against any skin tone, while the lobster clasp boasts two outstanding white gold rondels set with dazzling diamonds.

You can wear the Fope Maori Diamond Set Necklace for yourself for £3,540.00, or for £78.67 per month on a 36 month 0% finance plan.

Luci Square Earrings – White Gold

The Maori Diamond set necklace has just a splash of white gold, but if that’s your favourite feature then why not match it with a dazzling pair of white gold earrings? Although simple and classic in their design, the Fope Luci Square earrings can certainly be dressed up for a special occasion such as a garden party or even a black tie event.

Perfect for catching the last light of the sun during an evening soirée, these earrings are available for £1,000, or on a 36 month 0% finance plan of £22.22 per month.

However you choose to style yourself, we hope that you can make the most of the final few weeks of summer. If you would like to browse our collection of Fope jewellery for yourself then please come down to the Banks Lyon store; we remain open during current renovations. You can also contact us online or speak with us directly at 01524 38 48 58.