Hublot Collection Highlights and Notable Wearers

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Known for pushing boundaries and setting trends, Hublot has been a master of blending unconventional watchmaking materials with traditional watchmaking since 1980, when it burst into the industry with its unique porthole design and innovative spirit.

From the Hublot Big Bang watches to the Hublot Classic Fusion watches, the company offers bold options for everyone wanting precision and performance combined with style and flair.

In this blog, we’re looking at who wears Hublot and what makes this brand so special and sought-after, especially considering it doesn’t have the same long history and heritage as other watchmakers.

Hublot Collections

Hublot may have debuted at Baselworld in 1980, but Hublot watches appeared first in 1976 when Carlo Crocco left his previous company to start one of his own. He moved to Switzerland from Italy and worked hard to design a watch he named after the French word for ‘porthole’, Hublot, which was the first timepiece made with natural rubber.

While it didn’t see much success at the watch fair, Hublot went on to become a popular brand after just a few months, grossing over $2 million in that time period.

The iconic Big Bang chronograph was launched in 2005, using modern materials like titanium and ceramic and presenting a large face unlike other pieces of the time. This collection became the brand’s most popular, winning several awards and helping to propel Hublot forward into the giant it is today.

If you’re looking for one of these watches for your collection, you can choose from a wide array of timepieces at Banks Lyon, including the Hublot Big Bang E Titanium 42mm watch and the Hublot Big Bang Integral Blue Ceramic 42mm watch (pictured). Perfect for anyone wanting a statement piece!

The Classic Fusion collection saw a further exploration of unconventional watchmaking materials, including gold, carbon and tungsten. These combinations, enhanced by high-performance in-house movements, was another success for the company.

While these watches – just like all Hublot pieces – are bold and modern, they’re also made to stand the test of time, especially because you’re getting stand-out designs and unrivalled precision. Whether you’re going to the office, the beach or a party, Classic Fusion watches are always a flawless choice.

The watchmaker is also known for the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang watches, which was seen as a reinvention of traditional watchmaking. In this range, you’ll find unique – and reliable materials – like Hublot’s proprietary scratch-proof Magic Gold alloy, which ensures your watch will stand the test of time.

We stock several of these pieces at Banks Lyon, such as the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Black Magic 45mm watch (pictured), which offer skeleton faces that let you glimpse the complex internal makeup of the watches. Hublot was acquired by the LVMH group in 2008 and continues to grow as a company, offering increasingly innovative and stylish watches for both men and women.

Hublot Ambassadors

Hublot is also the official timekeeper for FIFA and UEFA events, as well as many other sports, such as tennis, sailing, judo, athletics and cricket. But Hublot’s ambassadors and partners are not just in the world of sports – you’ll also find world-class artists and musicians with Hublot as their brand of choice as well.

Take a look at some of Hublot’s most notable wearers:

Kylian Mbappé

Representing the new generation of footballers, Mbappé is also considered to be one of the best players in the world at moment, an extraordinary feat at such a young age. He’s a recent – and enthusiastic – addition to the Hublot family, being a huge fan of watchmaking and “proud to become the first active footballer to act as an ambassador for the brand”.

Mbappé says: “Hublot embodies this fusion of innovation, new technologies and materials, which greatly appeals to me. They unconditionally support my sport and are associated with my finest moments in football.”

The footballer’s choice tends to fall among the Big Bang watches. A great example is the Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 Ceramic Blue 45mm watch, available at Banks Lyon for £18,200, so speak to us if you’re interested in ordering one.

Usain Bolt

Another famous wearer and ambassador, Usain Bolt is the world’s fastest man and a Hublot enthusiast. The Jamaican sprinter shares the same passion for timekeeping and accuracy, so it’s not surprising that Hublot dedicated a line of watches to him.

The Big Bang Unico Usain Bolt Yellow Gold watch celebrates Usain’s achievements with a material the athlete is very familiar with – and with a chronograph that measures elapsed time, which is fitting for someone who built a career on split-second timings.

You can find several Unico models at Banks Lyon, such as the Hublot Big Bang Unico King Gold Ceramic 44mm watch, available for £30,400.

Dustin Johnson

Hublot is also involved in the world of golf, and who best to represent the brand than Dustin Johnson, considered to be one of the most gifted golfers in the world? He’s known for his precise drives and out-of-this-world skills on the green, so his partnership with Hublot highlights their shared values of accuracy and determination.

He says: “I am honoured to join the distinguished list of Hublot Ambassadors, especially since I have always been such an admirer of their timepieces. Each one is unique, unlike many of the other luxury brands, which I appreciate and enjoy.”

You can find his watch of choice at Banks Lyon too so, if you’re a fan of the sport or love the look of the piece, check out the Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf 45mm watch, which you can buy for £26,000.

Clare Smyth

Both an MBE and the only British female chef to hold three Michelin stars in the UK (she’s only the fourth British chef to achieve this), Clare Smyth is truly the perfect ambassador for Hublot. She’s passionate about innovation, having reinvented classic dishes and creating haute cuisine with plenty of imagination and attention to detail.

At Core, her restaurant, guests can see a Hublot Classic Fusion wall clock – after all, no better collection could represent Clare Smyth and her passion for cuisine than the Classic Fusion, which also combines different ‘ingredients’ to create something unique.

A stunning watch that embodies Clare’s ethos is the Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium Diamonds 45mm watch, which you find at Banks Lyon for £11,600 or from £174 per month at 0% finance.

Hublot has always made a point to separate itself from conventions, opting instead to manufacture never-before-seen pieces that have revolutionised horology, which has made it a popular and beloved brand around the world.

Speak to us if you’re interested in any of our Hublot watches or visit our Lancaster and Kendal stores, where you’ll have the chance to try the timepieces for yourself.