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Last week, we introduced you to our brand new collection of Messika jewellery in a little more depth, so this week it’s definitely the turn of one of our newest horological brands; Rotary. A worldwide brand displaying an exemplary portfolio of classic timepieces, Rotary has won many awards for its workmanship over the years, and we’re therefore delighted to welcome this popular, not to mention eminently accessible, brand into our stock in plenty of time for Christmas.

Rotary was born back in 1895, when Moise Dreyfuss set up the company in the Swiss town of La Chaux de Fonds. That in itself may not seem to be a particularly remarkable tale, but Rotary has remained in family ownership ever since that date. Robert Dreyfuss heads this Swiss watchmaker through Dreyfuss Group Holdings today, and this means that Rotary can lay claim to being the ‘oldest family-owned and run’ Swiss name in the entire world of ocular horology.

That fact isn’t the only distinction within Rotary’s history either, as in 1940 Rotary were privileged to be the supplier of watches for the entire British Army. Given that this arrangement coincided with the outbreak of the Second World War, this development alone resulted in Rotary becoming firmly established as a household name, and, even though time has passed since then, the UK has remained very attached to Rotary, widely being viewed as the latter’s most successful market.

Right from the beginning, Rotary’s principles were firmly focused upon the creation of beautiful wristwatches that could be worn within any era in the world’s history. The winged form of the famous Rotary logo was first introduced in 1925, and during the years since then it has continued to signify Rotary’s commitment to fashioning affordable timepieces that allow the contemporary to seamlessly mingle with the classic. Many watchmakers strive towards such a goal, but Rotary certainly seem to have a special aptitude when it comes to actually delivering upon this promise.

From our perspective, the variety within the Rotary watches range is perhaps its biggest strength. Modern timepieces from Rotary have attracted huge acclaim in recent years when worn in iconic TV productions like the BBC’s Sherlock, whilst just one glance at the intricacies of a Rotary pocket watch should convince even the most ardent modern-professional that traditional forms of horology are far from dead.  Furthermore, all Rotary watches benefit from a robust waterproof specification, so even immersion in water does not hinder their performance.

At Banks Lyon Jewellers, we’ll be able to offer you a broad selection of Rotary watches from this point onwards, including timepieces from their Ultra Slim, Les Originales and Aquaspeed collections, and with both gents and ladies wristwatches all available, there’s guaranteed to be something to meet any sort of preference. Affordable and stylish to the extreme, a Rotary watch would make the ideal gift for any loved one this Christmas, so if you’d like to find out more, please contact us now by calling 01524 38 48 58 or emailing