Summer Party Accessories Inspiration



Summer is a bright and colourful season; it inspires people to host a number of events that take advantage of the delightful summer weather and bright atmosphere. From garden parties to weddings, the level of formality differs and the accessory needs of the events fluctuate with it. Ensure that you choose the best accessories to match the occasion this summer.

Garden Party

A garden party consists of cucumber sandwiches and the tough choice of deciding the best accessory for the more casual affair. For the ladies, floral dresses, simple bracelets and a sun hat almost go without saying for such an event. For men, the etiquette is a pair of nice slacks, a comfortable shirt for the heat (polo shirts are a stylish choice) and a smart blazer. A hat is not mandatory, but it can be the finishing touch to a sophisticated ensemble – a boater is without a doubt the best choice for a garden affair.

Once you have the perfect outfit, you need to consider the accessory that will complete your look. Modern design has gone into making this stunning Tissot T-Complication Squelette hand-wound, mechanical skeleton watch. It has a luxurious finish and the design links traditional and contemporary design for those who appreciate the complexity of a premier timepiece. The true advantage and temptation of this piece is being able to see the mechanics behind a watch, a must-have for any true enthusiast of these small mechanical wonders. The stunning black leather strap completes an overall stylish piece that will have people intrigued, guaranteeing an interest in your unusual choice.


Summer is the favourite season of budding newlyweds to become united in wedding bliss. Men are restricted to a smart suit in almost all wedding dress codes, but what about attire for women? A summer wedding requires a stylish dress; in 2016 floral has become a popular choice and the fit of such dresses will ensure a cooling experience on a hot day. Or a more traditional dress with an elegant fascinator is always a safe choice. Of course, there is one cardinal rule for any wedding guest; never wear white and upstage the bride. It’s not good etiquette and will not reflect well on you!

The most dazzling accessory for such a beautiful wedding is an 18 carat white gold sapphire and diamond line bracelet. It is a flexible fit that moulds perfectly to your wrist for a comfortable experience, secured in place by a push and a snap fastener which gives you peace of mind when wearing this stunning piece. The intensely blue sapphires equal 4.10carats and the 250 sparkling brilliant cut diamonds total no less than 1.7 carats. This amazing piece is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit.

Networking Events

Throughout the year networking events will be the perfect chance to make connections, forge friendly relations and generally progress in your chosen career stream. This is a professional environment and so the dress code must match. The usual dress code includes smart suits for the men and a dress, or a blazer and pants ensemble, for women.

The perfect accessory for such an event is a smart and elegant timepiece. It should be a piece that speaks of style, sophistication and professionalism at just a glance. The perfect example of this is the Tag Heuer Watch Carrera Cara Delevingne Special Edition Watch. It is made in honour of their brand new ambassador, former model and newly minted actress Cara Delevingne. This watch oozes the edgy, fashionable and striking persona that Cara has become known for. Which is an attitude that emulated at a networking event can only lead to success. The blacked out titanium carbide stainless steel case features golden batons, matched with the hour, minute and second hands for an impressive standout look.

Charity Auction

Summer is also a time to embrace your charitable side, with auctions being the event of choice for an amazing evening that has a worthwhile cause fuelling it. These are often a black tie affair; a sharp tux and an evening ball gown are the expected attire.

A charity auction is an event where you should expect to take your wallet out a time or two, all in the name of supporting the charity of your choice with a fantastic purchase. So, accessorise well with this luxury Montblanc Meisterstuck Wallet 8CC. It is made of black European full-grain cowhide, with a unique deep shine and jacquard lining. The final touch is the Montblanc emblem that is encircled by a palladium-plated ring. It has a total of twelve pockets, the perfect storage place for all of the charitable donations you will be making that evening.

There are a plethora of events during the summer that require you to dress to impress, with accessories to match. If any of these stunning accessories are the perfect accompaniment to your summer engagements, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01524 38 10 20 and speak to a friendly member of our team.

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