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18ct White Gold 2.81ct Paraiba & 0.66ct Diamond Ring
£91.67 per month on 0% finance
18ct White Gold 11.01ct Oval Cut Diamond Ring
£82.50 per month on 0% finance

The tourmaline is a gemstone that is famous for coming in a wide and breathtaking range of colours, and there are many distinct names that are applied to the variant gemstones within this family. The Paraiba is one of these divergent stones, and it is famous both for its great scarcity and also its extraordinary beauty.  Paraiba gemstones only come from very restricted sources, and because of this the longevity of their supply is very speculative. As a result, Paraiba gemstone rings are not an investment to leave to the future, but are an incredible item of jewellery to be enjoyed in the here and now.

Paraiba gemstone rings exhibit some vibrantly vivid colours, at times almost verging upon shades that might be described as ‘neon’, and no other blue or green gemstone can lay claim to these comparatively unique aesthetics. Paraiba stones also conform to a brilliant finish almost without equal, and even under poor or limited lighting they will continue to shine forth with their sparkling colours. Supremely prestigious and exuding an otherworldly beauty, the Paraiba may not be the first style of gemstone ring to spring to your mind, but you certainly will never regret choosing one.

At Banks Lyon, our service for designing and creating bespoke jewellery is very well known, and so it is only natural that we should have access to some of the most exceptional and sensational jewellery pieces that you could ever wish to see. Our Paraiba gemstone rings are a great case in point, and you’ll find no better examples of these very special rings than those we are privileged to have in stock. If you’d like to discuss these rings in more detail, call us on 01524 38 48 58 or email us at Personalshopper@bankslyon.co.uk and we’ll only be too pleased to assist you.